We are making preparations for the winter.

Will be 15 photos.

That's matured in the suburbs unique herb fireweed. Now it's time to blossom. why go to the country do not forget to pick. From it you can make a "tea Kaporskaya┬╗

The recipe willow tea handed down from generation to generation and kept secret. Nowadays, it is known that for the preparation of tea Koporsky young leaves of this plant are dried and scalded with boiling water, triturated in the gutters and dried on trays in an oven, and then drying again triturated.

Narwhal it. We leave at night podvyalitsya. What would the leaves become limp but not dry.

Ivan tea - a plant of the family kipreyny. It is also called Koporye tea (Russian tea). The name came from the name Koporye Koporje area near St. Petersburg, where most of the production of this tea. And abroad willow tea called Russian tea. More willow-herb often called "jacket" because at flowering had abundant fluff which was used for manufacturing wool and packed them pillows and mattresses.

Koporye tea is popular for many centuries in Russia was distributed before the appearance of Chinese tea. He had a demand among different sectors of society, his drinking, even in monasteries, where tea and coffee were banned as inciting drinks. Ivan tea was very popular in Europe, especially in England, which bought Russian tea tens of thousands of pounds.

Then we pick off the leaves from the stem. It is not hard.

If its just to dry it will not be a simple tea and hay. The most important thing in harvested willow tea to start the fermentation process. To do this, all the leaves roll into sausage. Whatever they were dark and empty juice

something like this should happen. This is a difficult process. But it's worth it))

After the roll into sausage lay them in a clean enamel pot. layer by layer.

This kind of product is ready.

And waiting for two hours. When compression of the leaves of the cells being destroyed from resulting acid fermentation run. Hands dry the process is not weak. The signal that the fermentation is well served by the smell. Grass gives way to honey sweet spicy honey (not transmitted in plain text) hands such))

We went to help a woman's hands but they are good enough ... The forces need

Thereafter, as the fermentation process is completed. These sausages scissors and I cut on baking sheet in the oven. maximum drying temperature of 90 degrees.
Koporye tea is not just a useful and very useful tea. It is rich in vitamins, organic acids, flavonoids, pectin and tannins. Regular consumption of tea, Ivan is a good prevention of many diseases. It has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Ivan tea is widely used for headaches, to normalize pressure at intoxication, alcohol poisoning, insomnia, impotence and prostate adenoma. Koporye take tea for the prevention of cancer, gastric and duodenal ulcers, as well as cystitis. It improves the immune system, has a calming effect on the nervous system. This is one of the few teas that you can drink for pregnant women and children, since it has no caffeine and has no contraindications.

I tried to do in a meat grinder ... but it's not hard ... And it turns its

That might, in principle, everything. If you have questions I will answer all. The taste of this tea with honey flower. Very tasty. Brew also good. I have it in black ... shunt spoon and spoon of this ... I recommend to harvest. Here's to all of you my pickled cucumbers still)))

That's how much I get it. The output will be approximately 3 liter jar. Enough for a couple of months. That's all. Thank you for your attention)) all do not get sick))


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