Hiding Room

How to hide the number of cameras automatic locking.

Four popular way to avoid fines for "speed" and "vydelenka."

The camera automatically commit violations on the roads of the country is growing. Already, the number of more than 4000 pieces. This increases the number of scandals associated with them, to put it mildly, incorrect operation. That's coming up motorists are all new, and new ways to "hide" from the electronic eye license plate.

It used to drive fans rescued radar detectors, police pinpoint radiation devices. But now, by regions and towns began to spread "Highways" - Tatar complex pinpoint the average speed of the car on the road segment. He does not use radar, so it is impossible to detect it in advance.

As in any competition, "weapon-armor", not quite law-abiding citizens trying to somehow escape from responsibility. Characteristically, the article 12.2 of Part 2 of the Administrative Code provides for "driving with state registration marks, equipped with materials that prevent or impede their identification", a fine of 5,000 rubles or license suspension for 1-3 months. But it induces a particularly stubborn "pilots" to search only more sophisticated ways and escape from the cameras and avoid responsibility for it. We found out how far it has progressed to this point, the idea of ​​"camoufleur" license plates.

Dirt to failure!

Of course, the most innocent in terms of the way the law - the dirt on the room. The main thing in this case - how can you slap him more naturally. To stop in the case of an inspector at last had any doubt in the occasional appearance of dirt. In this case, the Administrative Code provides for only 500 rubles fine or warning. There are even recipes for such manipulations. The most natural state numbers are reduced to douche something sticky - like yogurt or some syrup. Immediately after that, it is recommended to take a ride on a dusty dirt road behind another car or if "Masquerading" winter poke machine "face" in a snowdrift.

Thus retouch the license plate and the camera does not read, and from the point of view GIBDDshniki it does not look like an attempt conscious concealment. This method has one, but a serious drawback: falls almost daily update "makeup". Syrup with yogurt washed away by the first rain or countertrade "Sprinkle».

The film - not a panacea

Some time ago gained popularity so-called film room. On the surface of the black numbers pasted special film that reflects infrared illumination systems automatic locking of the SDA. Thus the human eye sees all the letters perfectly-digit license plate, and complex - not just pasted. As a result, the system can not identify the owner of a car by number and "chain letter" remains undelivered.

But pretty soon the traffic police, armed mobile complexes photo- videofiksatsii violations, realized what was happening. And now that they see on the monitor with the license plate "space" instead of numbers and letters, inhibit such a car and driver will gladly draw up "a deprivation." Or "agree", that's how it goes. The fact that the "fix violation" in this case, the driver can not. This is not "toning" windows machine that with proper perseverance you can tear yourself right on the highway. Film with license plate can be removed only "hospital" - usually in the same institution where it to you at the time pasted.

Small Machinery

Further there are varying designs mechanical devices for hiding license plate of the car "look" of the camera. Sometimes they are a sliding shutter that covers the room. Sometimes a device that changes the position of license plate: it transforms from vertical to horizontal position. At such an angle as license plate "looks" into the asphalt, no camera it does not consider. Any arrangements of this kind are controlled by the driver from the passenger compartment. He pressed the button - Drive closed room. Press again - load mechanism for opening. Here a few moments of doubt. Firstly, sitting behind the wheel, you can never be sure of: load mechanism or not. And suddenly clogged and jammed? Or suddenly lost power?
This problem takes special construction equipment machines for license plate frames. Once installed therein, it is hanging in a vertical plane, as expected, and with a certain slant forward. In this case we use the fact that any complex automatic locking "fotkaet" the car is not at the time of exceeding its speed or exit "vydelenku", but only when it is close to the camera on 50-25 meters. Knowing this and the approximate height at which the cameras are usually located, you can easily calculate the angle of the license plate, with which it will be placed parallel to the direction of the shooting.

And "mechanization" license plate frame, and changes its tilt angle has one great big minus. Everything is good only to the first stop DPS officers. Such changes are evident and fascinating conversation on devices and materials "hinder or prevent the identification" with servicemen guaranteed.

Average magnetism

Relatively recently, there is another way of hiding the technical state number plates from cameras on highways and city streets. To do this, on the back of a standard plastic frame for license plate mounted a powerful magnet. Power wires easily hide-masked. Displayed on-off button in reach of the driver. Outside can not see anything.

But when the magnet easily sticks to the room and kept even at a good speed and when driving on potholes piece of sheet metal that covers almost half of the plate. And the sight of soldiers in front with striped sticks, the driver can instantly turn off the magnet and the piece of iron immediately fall off. And to prove that the room was something from the police closed unlikely to succeed.



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