First 100 000

5 years ago I bought the Patriots in the minimum configuration, but air-conditioned and the seats in the trunk. Bells and whistles such as power accessories, colored bumpers, ABS and others for use on a serious off-road is not only unnecessary, but also harmful.

The first step is to establish a good mud tires the maximum size that does not require alteration of the machine - is 235 / 85R16. This is not only an increase in ride height by 3 cm, but also improve visibility on the road, and a softer ride on rough roads.
Then I went to Voronezh in a jeep club where I put interwheel pneumatic locking differentials. (For the "Dummies": lock interwheel increase throughput SUV exactly twice.) For pneumatic actuator required to deliver a powerful professional compressor, coupled with a receiver. At the same time the compressor is used for fast tire inflation. Off-road tire pressure often have manipulated almost like a gear change, therefore, a regular low-power compressor dead pumping rates would be after 3-4 such large mugs.
Management locks and the compressor in the cabin comes well:

Toggle switch turns on the compressor, it automatically pumps up to 6 atmospheres receiver on and off. Left orange buttons - a pneumatic valves lock the front and rear axles. General view of the instrument panel:

The compressor is installed between the seats.

In the same club I have replaced pins to strengthen the staff - it is necessary for off-road, especially with the big wheels.
All other bonuses patency and survivability I dialed purely external, are not parts of the car: it is cables, small tools, crowbar, hammer, hand winch, inverter 220, a first aid kit with extended functionality, a couple of fire extinguishers, chainsaw, shovels (sapёrka and snow) , well, the usual tourist paraphernalia - tent, sleeping bag, pot, etc.
I remember that I went out of the showroom and immediately hit the Moscow traffic flows - strange and scary! Everybody wants you to slip between his legs. But he quickly mastered. (Now on the contrary, I feel discomfort and legkovushkah heightened sense of danger). Well, 15 minutes later the car ... you guessed it? - Broken! When accelerating abruptly dumped the gas and brake. Then it turned out that was not bolted to the end of the minivan on the brake pedal, so it periodically supplied to the engine control unit signal of brake pedal - the engine exhaust gas. Screw Mikrikov - went further. Well, I started what I was all scared and twisted at the same finger to his temple!
After 3 days, a call from the dealership and was told that I immediately went to the nearest dealership and replace the oil filter there - say, the party identified defective filters. But I for these 3 days had already screwed almost 2000 - just time to make a zero TO - replacing oil in bridges and razdatke after grinding. Arrived there, they are very long doubted filter (read: "instead we send you loshara on the farm?"), But changed.
After these two unpleasant osadochkov in the shower ... I started to ride, ride and ride. The machine for a long time behaved flawlessly.
Then I will describe the purely technical aspects: failure, causes the cost of repairs - who are bored, you can skip to the places with pictures.
Then came the terrible heat of 2010 - remember? Specifically, we stayed a month ... 38 + 40. They say on the scoreboard even saw 42. By car, it affected buckling plastic impeller conditioner - the issue price of 200 rubles, but was replaced under warranty. After that, I scored a guarantee - absolutely not what was given to 6-7 thousand for another TO. Moreover, as it turned out, for the money in a more or less decent service station I wander polmashiny.
So passed the first year, and the time has come ... completely repaint the car! Holes in the roof and the hood - has fallen pine where Bryansk stormed the jungle; two holes in the rear doors - in reverse, I drove into a birch tree - she grew up with a "sic", and this "sic" can not be seen. Then he drove back to his wife (the car) into a pole. She says that the pillar is also growing with the letter "sic" - but I have seen this post, he became so only after the impact.
And most importantly, after two trips to the mountains of Abkhazia on the body almost no living space. You know what a mountain undergrowth in the Caucasus? This diversity Blackberries - Blackberries e ... uchaya, blackberries evil ... uchaya, blackberries ... zae uchaya. They differ hardness spikes - one tears off paint, the other paint peels third excess metal. But the legendary uazovsky rust persuade me to complete repainting of the body. The price of issue (to the year) - 40 thousand rubles, together with corrections dents. Extreme sports - is an expensive form of recreation.
About a year and a half has flown on the first and a considerable amount of damage. Motor is troit, the roars if to give more gas - stalls. I get to work. In the evening in the dark look - everything under the car filled with gasoline. Well, it fucking left until the morning. In the morning it became clear that fuel leaked because vomited fuel filter. A fuel filter vomited because he was beaten some thick brown mass. And the gasoline on the pavement for hours to evaporate - it was ... kerosene. Most likely, it's even wine and refueling, and what some well-wishers - lock on the neck of the tank to the UAZ's not provided. It was necessary to change the filter in addition to gasoline and candles and make the washing of injectors and tanks. Along with the work he gave about 5000.
The second time I got up (and it was late autumn night in the forest) by about 60 thousand run - stuck magnetic switch on the starter. Manual no overclocking, but we had three guys - meter high mounds, but sedges on the belt. The maximum that could - pushed meters 5. rescued poachers - passed close to the loaf, twitched. When removed, the retractor - on it lay a decent clod already richly covered with not grass, not moss. Starter - this is the lowest unit located under the hood - you need to take this into account when parkueshsya the swamp. Lack curve starter - a major drawback of the machine! Although, as far as I know, it does not exist in one of the brand. And what would have happened if we had not met the poachers? Definitely: the night, the next day the dismantling of the retractor, the connection directly from the starter battery. 3 hours of work.
The third time I got up last fall (and it was again at night in the deep woods, but in freezing) - in the dark, I, according to the instrument, decided that the alternator belt broke. And then, in fact it turned out - from the sand stuck guide roller belt so the belt with him jumped. And without a belt of the generator does not operate the pump - motor overheats. In principle, it was possible to remove the video, but instead temporarily insert a wooden Chopik - but where are you at night to guess! Yes, even when the freeze in the summer kurtёnke. As soon as the temperature exceeds the red mark - he stops the engine, open the hood, waiting for ten minutes. And again. I reached the asphalt and to the availability of cellular call a tow truck. The moral is: off-road should always carry with them the alternator belt and idlers! Price 600 rub.
And most recently - in exactly when peddling hundreds of thousands - torn radiator hose. Food, notice nothing, apparently everything is normal. He stopped to relieve himself, killed the engine - and the fan plow. I opened the hood - from the nozzle with a whistle breaks the jet of vapor. Antifreeze not at all, just the cold heat sink. Understand once, after 2 hours have to be at work - left the car on the highway, I caught a ride. No, it was not so. First, the car drove into the woods, away from prying eyes. Standing, Voice. In camouflage with a beard, dressed in the muck - I was traveling with mowing, 3 days mowed grass in the country, all the clothes and head to the manger. And what is this hour, no crud no decent driver is not slowed down ?! That blockhead! then silently looked at myself ... again I drove the car to the track, included emergency gang - almost immediately stopped.
After the change came with a colleague, poured in the water column of the village - once the leak was discovered. Cut a piece of leaky pipe, insert a residue dolili water to normal - works have exactly 5 minutes. Then, when everything changed for new connections, replace the water to antifreeze. It should be noted uazovsky resistant motors to overheat - on the contrary, sometimes there are problems with subcooling.
All other damage or defects do not affect the ability to drive the car. So I fly these things in a crowd, when they accumulate 3-4 pieces. Himself once, (and I do not like to dig in the machine), and all service parts.
Here is the complete list of troubleshooting for the entire period of operation (the chronology is not saved):
1. Mikrikov on the brake pedal (initially was not screwed)
2. The impeller fan - I have 2 times
3. magnetic switch
4. alternator belt - I have 2 times
5. fittings and tank cooling system
6. The steering tips - I have 2 times
7. hub bearings - two
8. The rear shock absorbers - Both
9. antiskripy on springs
10. The fuel pump + + fuel filter candles (candles - 2 times)
11. saylentbloki on springs
12. brake pipe + Brake Cylinder
13. The brake pads (3 times)
14. The outboard bearing on cardan
15. Windshield (when fallen pine)
16. The rear lights (both)
17. The instrument panel lights disappeared - still did not eliminate
18. The course - a lot of lights, hundreds of liters of oil, filters, 4 sets of rubber and tons of gasoline.
Many? I agree. Someone will say that too much, that their "right" cars do not break down. I also once went to the "correct" machine - and they, too, I broke even new. New rarer old often. But the price breakdowns, availability of spare parts ... what to say. On the pavement.
A dead engine, hard bridges, archaic springs, very high body - what could be worse for a comfortable ride on the fast track? But in order.
Motor 128 horses - at first glance, very little car weighing 2200 kg. However, the low speed and the engine torque and in the 3 thousand revolutions shows decent dynamics - "do" Lada, Lanos Logan and cheap imported SUV. It is also due to a fair contract demand - for example, the UAZ in power losses accounted for muffler (about 5-10%), well, there are still some nuances.
Very stiff suspension - on the pavement is, of course, evil. But there is also another side to the coin - the worse the pavement (and each year it gets better - at least, for us) - the advantageous behavior of the machine. Very large potholes are not significantly different from the small ones. In particular, speed bumps and w / d transfers (which are not equipped with signs "stop") can safely slip without compromising speed - up to 100-120 km / h. The main thing - to calculate drive to an obstacle to the track in this place at this time was free, otherwise you will be just as well stand in line barely waddle across the rails cars.
High body (a Patriot - the highest of the full-size SUV, though very short and narrow) requires banks terrible - but heavy axles (200 kg each) and wheels (50 kg wheel), plus the frame - all this greatly shifts the center of gravity of the machine down. But the main advantage of the height of the body - visibility. The road can be seen for hundreds of meters further, and it allows you to keep the optimum speed.
In general, the machine shows the average by today's standards the dynamics (on a solid top three) and a comfortable ride at speeds up to 130 km / h.
Oh, I forgot. There was another unpleasant feature of machines - Vibration at 90 km / h. When absolutely got - crawled under the car, looked gimbal. It seemed to me suspicious balance weights - they were all exactly the same. The method of selection added to one sinker fishing weights, then another, then another - until the vibration has not disappeared entirely. I shook tape - and go. I give my free know-how! That is, on the balancing of the plant do not bother - it takes sinker weighing 70 grams - as they have in the presence of only 50 or 100 - and so come down! Yes, if for example you need 70 grams and costs 100 - the primatyvaem tape weight on the opposite side. At random so will achieve victory over the vibration!

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On roads.
Here, it seems to me, and even talk about. No Stock car is not even close. Perhaps only the "Defender" cool - but it has a complete set of locks in the sink not. With onymi Def certainly be cooler Patriot, but these machines in our country is very small: the installation of special stages on Def - it is for rich people.
For clarity, give video from our fishing trip in 2010 - here we will first go on the moor (when out from under the green grass comes out black slime) and then storm the small muddy river:
And yet, on the roads with the Patriots sometimes very hard. When he sits down (and it is almost always at night, 20 km from the people, and early in the morning it is necessary to work), then he sits thorough, thoroughly:

We are lucky here - even drove to a meter forward, and there is depth of the quagmire would be one and a half meters.
Early in the morning you got to the people I found a desperate tractor driver, who agreed to help you, and then whiled away the tractor with you another day:

The driver of "Ural" general said he would not go there to rescue us or his neighbor tractor. In the evening we pulled the car practical work an ax and with his bare hands (winch while I still was not). And then we find out that the tractor pulled after 2 days.
After that, a long time there is no desire to play tricks on the moor. Sometimes, for 2-3 weeks.
Here morality is this: if you are not afraid to get stuck in the middle of forests and wetlands, the then only rely on themselves and keep in mind that pulling the machine can go more than one day.
And do not go to unfamiliar places in the late afternoon! Stand up for the night which will have.

The main hope - a winch, crowbar and sledgehammer. Scrap for him to cling to the swamp, but what a sledgehammer - to drive deeper into the scrap. I took the hand winch - inexpensive (about 2-3 thousand.), And most importantly - weight:

Electric hoist heavy itself, plus it requires the installation of the power bumper - about 100 kg of additional load on the front axle. To do this, it is already necessary to strengthen the front suspension. That is a lot of money together.
Shovels. Saperka summer, snow in winter, everything is clear.
Cables. In the stores is something impossible to find decent. Somehow I was lucky, got strong enough for the trucks. A main rope I made from Kevlar rope and a couple of clips - bought in a store fasteners:

Cable - a very important tool, it is often necessary not only for the towing vehicle. For example, to clear the road, or, conversely, to bar:

Chainsaw. In the forest without it it is better not to climb. Clear blockages or break a new path. I "Stihl 180" - an extremely reliable machine as a Kalashnikov rifle.
Inverter 220 volts. It is seldom necessary, basically, if the house / cottage no electricity. And so - a shave, a haircut on the road before the advent of humans - in the woods there, time to overgrown. Oh, and for charging different devices.

A pair of fire extinguishers, one in the form of a spray in the door pocket is always at hand. Well, in case something more serious dry chemical, also located right on hand in the box.

First aid kit. I requested to make the contents of his wife, he did not understand in the preparations. An important point - I keep a first aid kit in the rear bumper in a waterproof case - to drugs are not deteriorated in the lounge in the sun.

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A set of keys, a tent, a sleeping bag, bowler KLMN, water, tea bags and canned (barley with meat) - here, perhaps, and all the minimum required functionality that is always in the car.
Oh, and one last question. You can be, I ask: why so UAZ? because you can add a little more was, and buy the same Chinese Hoover or Renault Duster, well, or 15-year-old Kruzak in perfect condition?
Yes, it's simple - I have five children. And another 9-seater SUV simply do not have.
Well ... how to put it more precisely - how can you hang St. George ribbon on the "Mercedes"? or the Russian flag on the "Opel»?
If we stay with my machine is alive and well, then wait for the continuation of the report on 200 thousand.



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