You have such things happen?

- You know, it was the best night of my life!
 - Yes ... you are so suddenly came to work for me - I do not
ready for this ...
 - Surprise turned out? I tried very hard. You are so beautiful ... you ...
 - Thank you, excellent restaurant, I had a wonderful time ...
 - Come to me? Please, I'm so bored!
 - Well ... uh ... you know, I can not!
 - Why ?!
 - I ... I tomorrow morning to work.
 - I'll drive you, let's go! - You know, I have something very tired ...
 - I'll give you a massage ... umm ... yeah, get ready, go - I really want to
give you a massage!
 - No no! No need, I ... uh ... My head is splitting,
massage does not work, I just need to relax.
 - This pressure, drink a glass of red wine and let it be, do not
excuses, let's go!
 - I'm a spa-ah-I want to be ...
 - Well, well, let's go to bed!
 - Well ... uh ... no, it's not convenient, I have ... I have no tooth brush!
 - I'll buy you a million toothbrushes, let's agree!
 - No, I'm not ready, I can not go to you, I'm sorry!
 - ??? What's stopping you? We were together, it was so cool ...
Why do you refuse today?
 - I can not, you know? Not today, I do not feel like, I'm sorry ...
 - But you said you had a wonderful time ... Why ?! ... And you! Do not you, these are your ... well ... uh-month? (blushes)
 - No, what are you! No.
 - Then what is it? Stop acting up, I see that you, too, want to, go!
 - No! I can not!
 - Why ?!
 - We should not ... we should not do so now, let's take a break - so it is necessary, try to understand.
 - What a break that to you ?! For how long?
 - At least until tomorrow, oh, please ...
 - What is the difference between today and tomorrow ?!
 - Well ... there is a difference, believe me. It stars - today we should not be together!
 - I do not understand, you're a mysterious ...
 - Maybe, but it intuition ... I just feel like today - no.
 - I've been waiting for this! ..
 - Well ... I can not explain to you, but if you love me, you'll understand, I'm sorry.
 - Do not you go?
 - No.
 - Let's go!
 - No.
 - Exactly?
 - YES! ..
 - Sorry ...
Damn, how do you want to go! BUT WHY?! Why do not I shaved and dressed Baykova FOOT PANTIES ?!


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