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The relevance of retro style needs no comment. Fashion goes in a circle, and many things are vintage that is experiencing the peak of its popularity once again. And someone just a fan of retro clothing, clothing with the age and history. This review is all - just like clothes with solid experience, as well as vintage items, such as lace of cabinets grandmothers or mothers-of-date collections.

The purpose of this mini-collection of good, in my opinion, retro images - to inspire you or just to show what they are, modern bows in retro style. Cover Article - romantic images of Nadja Seale, the owner of the shop vintage things and passionate lovers of the garment from South Africa.

Alannah, 16-year-old fashion blogger from Oklahoma, United States.

This talented girl she is engaged in sewing clothes and loves to shop at vintage stores. As a result - a kind of harmonious images that combine hand-made items, vintage and modern things from famous brands.

# 1.

Topshop Embroidered Floral Sweatshirt, Betsey Johnson Heart Purse, Refashioned Vintage Shorts

# 2.

Self Designed And Sewn Navy Blue Velvet Circle Skirt, Nally And Millie (Vintage) Psychedelia Tee, Jelly Purse

Shaughnessy Keely, Canada.

Here catchy vintage look leather jacket from the rebels and nonconformists of the 20th century and gentle, girly polka-dot dress, probably from an even earlier period.

# 3.

F As In Frank Vintage Vintage Leather Jacket, Vintage Polka Dot Romper, Van Caissey Bowler Hat, Used House Of Vintage Round Sunglasses, Paola Loves To Shop Holographic Eyeball Necklace

Selena Cruz, Southern California, USA.

This girl so many interesting images in which masterfully combines both things vintage and modern, fashionable things, that it was hard to choose. However, I stopped only 4 images, vintage items which I have just conquered. This shabby leather jacket, which felt something of cowboys, motley warm coat from the set pieces embroidered jacket and corduroy eastern tiger kimono. Sounds interesting? It looks even better!

# 4.

Backbite Vintage Fringe Leather Jacket, Hot Trash Vintage Striped Vintage Shirt, Backbite Vintage Tooled Leather Purse, Backbite Vintage Military Boots

# 5.

Vintage Technicolor Dreamcoat, Birds N Bones Tooth Necklace, Birds N Bones Knuckle Rings

# 6.

Vintage Embroidered Top, Vintage Bag

# 7.

Backbite Vintage Harley Davidson Tee, Backbite Velvet Animal Print Kimono

Monika Jakimiuk, Poland

Wonderful vintage floral skirt, which I would love to wear this spring. And I think I'm not alone.

# 8.

Bethany Aeckersberg, Canada

While I was looking through her images in my head persistently hovered one question: Well where, where she takes such a thing? How do you, for example, the translucent patterned don't-know-how-to name. An elongated jacket? Light coat? And, though it does not matter. Just look what a beauty.

# 9.

And Pants interesting cut.

# 10.

Thrifted Daisy Harem Pants, Thrifted Vintage Jean Shirt, Forever 21 Booties

Francesca, Germany.

Fully vintage image of Armani.

# 11.

Claire Roche, Boston, USA.

Another bright fan of vintage clothing and retro style in general. Personally, I liked these creepy striped pants, a dark striped blouse and plaid brown shirt. They are individually and very personal, and in the images of the girls, they look even better.

# 12.

# 13.

Brandy Melville Beanie, Vintage Blouse, Vintage Dress Pants, Dr. Martens Boots

# 14.

Urban Outfitters Corduroy Skirt, Vintage Blouse, Warby Parker Bensen Designer Glasses, Old Navy Beanie, Wet Seal Black Boots


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