Lookbook: fashion contest on the eve of Valentine's Day

On the eve of the busy holiday lovers themed contests and competitions are not uncommon. Take a look at the competition trendy, which involved a lot of bright and stylish people. Each year the site by 14 February Lookbook makes photo contest for couples fashion bloggers whose purpose - to create such an image, which will be combined perfectly with the image of a partner. Creativity and imagination is not limited, and this results in a surprisingly harmonious photo shoot, from which just does not come off. And accompany all images of inspirational love stories from around the world.

Personally, I'm happy to watch the photo contest on the LB. Fashion bloggers around the world sometimes just sometimes amaze with unlimited imagination and interesting way. The contest is held by 14 February is not the first time. Here, for example, the winners of last year, which managed to create so different, but at the same time, such a harmonious bows.

1. Candy hearts, Canada

Marshall and Jessica knowingly call themselves Dream team. This extravagant couple makes common bright photo shoot for about six months, and their images are always harmonious, colorful, unusual and very interesting. Images by 14 February were no exception. While everyone is cut out hearts, roses and looking for clothes in red and pink tones, the couple arrived in their own way. I never thought that suit Adidas so well with bright acid hair, tights and patent leather shoes on high-soled shoes. Our Gopnik would be shocked.

2. Amour from Brazilian fashionistas

Black and white romantic photoshoot of a loving couple from Brazil - one of the favorites.

3. Our love is timeless, yet another piece of inspiration from Brazil

This fashion blogger I think many already know. Priscilla active participant LB, it is not surprising that it took part in this competition. The girl showed the world its interesting themed image, and her husband, Leo, with whom she has been together 7 years.

Romwe Hearted Cardigan, Romwe Cat'S Blouse, Choies Vinyl Midi Skirt, Dorotea Thrift Acessories

4. The fourtheenth, USA + Australia

Two harmonious image of lovers from different countries. Great distance does not prevent them 2 years to love one another, and participate together in various fashion competitions. It is interesting that united them was a passion for fashion and stylish clothes. And all turned into a lengthy romantic relationship. And it happens! Ben calls himself Marie-Alice his strength and inspiration, and these contests - occupation, which helps them to be together at a distance.

Nocturne Necklace, Tailor And Stylist Dotty Dress, Vince Camuto Ankle Boots

5. Sunflowers are for Lovers, again Brazil

6. Mirror of Lovers, Slovakia

A lovely couple from Slovakia, which also combines fashion. Foxy - known fashion blogger and her partner - the photographer, the author of her photo shoots. They are on opposite sides of the camera, but this does not prevent them from being together, because they have a common passion - art.

Foxy Green Handmade Necklace, Foxy Green Handmade Bracelet, H & M Shirt, Foxy Green Short Skirt

Who are interested, the competition is underway. In fashion lovers couples have three more days to creative endeavors and stylish experiments and create their bows. Well, we, the audience, can only support someone whose photo does not leave us indifferent. And a special thank you to them for inspiration and interesting way. Love to all!


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