Life is a simple programmer (84 photos)

Author: Hi! My name is Julia, I live in the Greater Chicago - it is a beautiful name, which with particular zeal are residents of villages adjacent to Chicago.
Usually, it is difficult to show the days of the programmers, for the uninitiated eye, they are fairly static - a person sits back in his beard and sweater at the computer, press a button, and the person expressing the whole range of emotions. In explanation of splashing saliva and carries some nesusvetitsu. A man of art, that it take? But now I am engaged in an interesting task, which involves solving image and therefore have something to show and tell what to chelovecheckom dialect.
I chose to shoot Tuesday - the day when the husband takes and delivers children and I leisurely stay on the job longer. Unfortunately, January 31, was suddenly filled with parallel scenes, so to miss you - I promise! - Will not.

1. At 8:00 I woke up horrified, grabbed the phone and called the dealer. The fact that the night before I stayed tire and bent wheel drive. Quickly I persuaded them to accept me without recording pokompostirovala brains husband sent their youngest daughter in the garden (kindergarten, do not think anything wrong with that), and jumped in the shower. And just jumped out of the shower thought that was going to take off your day. That's it, time:

2. And here I am, in a towel and horrified by the fact that the show hours:

3. Since you're still logged in under the cut, then I tell you a little about yourself. I am 38 years, 19 of which I live in the United States. My family - a husband and two daughters: Elizabeth (Lisa), the twelfth year, and Rachel (Busia) twenty-one months. I work for a big company, which specializes in the retail trade.
By the beginning of my day Lisa had gone to school on the bus. Her dad woke up and shoved until we fill up with Busey. We (shame, shame!) The child is still eating at night, so I have almost two years go sleepy. But enough lyrical digressions, it's time for business. I promised not to come in later than nine dealers.
I run out of the bathroom and start frantically packing. The philosophical question of "what to wear?" Every day is decided in favor of a clean pair of jeans. My best friend once looked into my closet, was surprised to see, "Oh, you have the normal thing is!" I confirm - there. Full wardrobe and nothing to wear anyway.

4. Meditate on the other donated by a friend in NY Boucicaut. Boucicaut I too full, but I put on, of course - nothing. I understand that not immediately come up with what to combine them, sigh, and I leave them where found. Everything is as usual.

5. On the dresser tray of empty cups. Cups were depicted six years ago and presented to us as a gift Lisa, my time was also a saucer. Since we use them every morning that for him, unfortunately, is already noticeable. It is a pity that such a form of harvesting stopped producing. Apparently, we have to drink from them until the crumble. Normally, morning coffee prepares husband, we drink in the kitchen, I do not even know why he now had the idea to bring the bedroom. By the way, he's my day will be present only virtually, why - explain the course.

6. Expanding hair in a position where they will dry out.

7. Login via a web interface to the operating inbox and write email that lingers. Preventing questions confess - blekberi I have my own, and not working. I love them unselfishly, for nothing. This my second.

8. I take the book, which I hope to read while waiting for the machine (just say - it was not possible).

9. I went down to the kitchen. My husband put me ssoboyku, and that I often forget to take it out of the fridge, and then whine that all the tasteless. It is an Italian soup is homemade and it slices sliced ​​bread Chabat.

10. I run to the garage. Here it is, my honey wounded.

11. Immediately say that the car I have to carry out the hanging from the ceiling Great Summer, and that those hanging on the wall lyzhikov winter. In addition, in our village a hundred kilometers - no hook so without personal transport - anywhere. Storing water for the day. Every day I drag out of the box for 3 bottles.

12. Your phone is connected to the car via BlueTooth, we have introduced in some areas of the law on phone conversations while driving, and can easily be fined if they see someone with a pipe at the ear. I type the guy who promised to call back on the way to work. I talk. Time:

13. While standing at the crossroads, I look. Here they are, our houses, or rather their first line, which is closer to the road. Our not see it in depth.

14. Pass Lake Arlington, we sometimes come here to ride on roller skates. Around the lake a paved path with two-way layout. The cool evenings are quite lively - cyclists, skaters, joggers and pedestrians only. Full circle - half miles, is quite convenient for those who train and calculates the distance. In winter, few people here.

15. A couple of shots on the road, do not present any particular artistic value. Storey America, despite the fact that many homes two or three floors.

16. At the crossroads - a mini-shopping center. In this store (ULTA) I've got four months. They sell all cosmetic nonsense, and I ended up foam hair. I sigh, and went on his way.

17. arrived. I'm here.

18. Here it is, my Lala, now it is to be inspected. And I, meanwhile, the phone rings again. While I talk in the waiting room, I have time to count fixes to $ 690. I dialed her husband and handed the phone to the mechanics. Then he quickly cut bait, referring to the lord and master. The guys from the service are unhappy, but to change all four wheels I was not ready mentally. We'll have a little bit of traveling on the spare wheel.

19. I am leaving. The time is here much. The most left value - is outboard temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Rickety we have winter, what can I say, skiing mostly bored in the garage.

20. Turn on the highway.

21. On the eve of a mechanic who put the spare tire I warned that I can go no faster than fifty miles per hour. I turn on the emergency gang and merge onto the highway. "To go quickly is easier than to drive slowly," - said a wise goose Akka Kebnekaise. Well, or something like that. Today, I am imbued with her wisdom. Emergency gang rescued me from the long tail of disgruntled drivers, but not from shame overtaking heavily laden wagons.

22. Slowly roll to the right at the line for the snail. Boring. Here finally a sign notifying the distance to go out, it usually occurs when it is already in one.

23. Concert Hall Sears Center. Who's there just did not speak!

24. Finally my way. He - paid.

25. Crying such figovinu called IPass. On account of ee I periodically translating coin. Right fares for people like me, and left - for those who pay with coins. Passage of the coin is worth almost twice as much.

26. specs are written off with the wheels. Time - 10:35. The horror, the horror, I do not get back to the gym. Usually I go there three times a week at lunchtime, though for me and not very visible. Photo of time there, but I think their is enough.

27. Today, I decided to go through the main entrance.

28. It is on this bridge yesterday I pierced the tire. Behind the wheel I'm not a beginner, I was just unlucky.

29. In fact, around our buildings are very beautiful, around prairie flowers are blooming all summer. Some buildings dug ponds where ducks and swans. It is winter, so shoot nothing special.

30. Ida.

31. Finally, in the workplace. My cube. Flowers gave me a girlfriend about a year ago. I'm not particularly gifted at the flower parts plants at home in charge of the husband, but I take care of those with special diligence.

31. The task to which I am now doing, is to set up an old one under the program from the expected load (load). It is written quite crooked, there a lot of problems since the memory leak, and up to several thousands of unnecessary database queries. Such problems are solved with the aid of load simulation and profiling. As the load simulator acts I have written program that pretends to 100 simultaneous users rushed to attack the server. Both programs are written in JAVA, and therefore I shall tell a little bit about what's going on with memory. Guys, I honestly tried to find the appropriate Russian terms, but - alas! They seem not. So do not hurt me, please!
In JAVA memory management is engaged in a virtual machine JVM. It is responsible for the selection, initialization, and the release of memory. The latter is done by surgery, which is called "garbage collection» (garbage collection).
When the program starts in the JVM, for it is given once a certain amount of memory. These cells are roughly divided into static registers (perm space), which the program is reading, but not writing, and an active memory (heap space).
Heap, in turn, is divided into three parts - old, eden1 and eden2. The vast majority of new objects - short-lived, their program writes in one of eden, the second at this point is not involved. Eden is reviewed periodically by the garbage collector (minor garbage collection), and all relevant objects are overwritten in the second eden, which at the end of garbage collection becomes relevant. Imagine, for example, a variable within the function. For it is given as a memory that microsecond later, it is no longer needed because funkitsiya finished work. The garbage collector frees and returns them to use the program. If a portion of memory is returned unclaimed, the minor garbage collections will occur more and more often, releasing less and less memory, and eventually the program will be nowhere to write, and it will fall to the sad sound of Out of Memory Error. Graphically it would look something like this (a graph of the test we did at the weekend, before I repaired the leak).

The graph shows that each garbage collection, the amount of the released active memory decreases (y-axis marks the memory in megabytes, and the horizontal axis - time). At this stage, we would lay our program to generate a file at the time of the fall of the exact state of the registers of memory (heap dump) and to find the leak.
Estesstvenno, we do not cut down the existing program in production, and specially configured for load testing up to stress. All it has done with the theory.

32. Now let's look at the graph of memory utilization after repairs. As you can see, everything is stable, the curve climbs upward, then there is no leakage.

Earlier, I showed you a graph, which is included in their morning report our architect. This report waited a whole horde of chiefs, and in any case could not be delayed. It is written that I - super aunt and eliminated memory leaks and that cheers me.
What does an architect, you ask? The answer - the architect of our industry proektiruet not at home, and software. He also decides which technologies should be used in a particular case, and outlines the topography of the final product. In our organization, four of the architect, on this I got Projects most talkative. Technical problem he can not solve, but good business knows the process and can always clearly correct tests in terms of the real user.

33. My husband took my kolesoepopeyu very close to the heart, requires specs. Obviously, I have finally zaraportovalas and reprinted incorrectly.

34. While navozhu procedure - refer to the repository of my yesterday's correction. Along the way, the monitor load testing (for some reason not photographed).
And the husband says, to read, I asked around and found out that to change all four tires I did not have to. Requests stroll in the auto center located on the ground floor of the building, find out the prices. Our company is famous for the balance of work and personal life. Therefore, in the building there is a gym, dry cleaning and hair salon, and auto-focus - all to workers in no need and did not seek to go home. We go where the tire could be seen.

It's funny, but in one of the chairs of the lobby, I was three-plus years ago, made a formal proposal. All the plants here - live, and fountains - are real and no stink. Beautifully hell!

35. autocenter I was uncomfortable to shoot. The duty manager asked for additional information on my car, and in between times promised to find out how fast will the desired tire. My mood was quite at zero, I decide to walk through the first floor. That is a sign shop. There sell products - chips, ice cream, candy, cookies, etc. I'll bring your unplanned poludnik from here.

36. Another shop. Here samples of the goods sold, which marketers have bought in the development of the collections of the season. For example, bed linen.

37. But - toys.

38. Prices of junk, but the choice is not very big. If you go there on a regular basis, it can be quite profitable outfit. I am here is rare. Serious Uncle makes me comment that photograph. I justify the fact that it is still going to buy. Yes, today I was lucky. Lisa recently asked for bath towels, these two paws cost me 10 $.

39. Once the gym is still covered, I decide to climb the ladder. I'm working on the third floor.

40. Time. Prior to the meeting there is a 15-minute to quickly gobble up the soup.

41. Our formidable Project Menezhersha craves statements.

42. I call the meeting, simultaneously looking at the charts. There's nothing new. We are ready for a new stage of testing.

43. However, the Project Menezhersha not joking about reporting and yearns for it is not a child. She needs documented results of yesterday's tests. Brewed chamomile tea yourself and proceed.

44. Last memory dump Generate even on weekends. I copied from the server to itself.

45. And we all went to the more listening speeches. I decided to be late, as the cases of throat and key moments and so tell me. The crossbow in the mirror of the ladies' room deserted.

46. ​​Meanwhile, I perezvanievayut of autofocus. News disappointing, as is evident from the correspondence with her husband.

47. I have already started kolesoepopeya order to irritate. I decide to suspend nervous, spit on speech, and move my mother's visit to the doctor tomorrow to a week. Then I call Russian craftsmen, negotiate with them about the meeting for the repair of my suffering the wheel and start to analyze memory.

48. It shows the classes, which are found at the time of the collapse of the most and who do not let the cleaning. Sborschim debris collects only abandoned objects. If someone did not let the pointer to an object - it is considered nebezhoznym and can not be cleaned.

49. And then - how much a particular place is occupied by different objects.

50. This is the fourth and final dump. And my snack on his background.

51. Meanwhile, it turned out that I still have to use other people's access to Wily, because to obtain its necessary to fill in the form here. Oh, I did not tell you about Wily? This profiler that works on the principle of imaging - a non-invasive monitoring. It is connected to a running programmke and collects various data about it - heap space, CPU utilization, database access, and many other important and necessary details. The graphs you saw above (from Emeli architect) generated introscope.

52. Comes to the employee. Requests Googling an interesting error. Since I officially have nothing to do, I look for other people's brilliant solutions.

53. Her husband meanwhile reports that he finally caught a cold that his dad is unwell and that he could not leave Busya one grandmother. Then my best friend calls and says that her daughter was ill, too, and will not go to the gym. Usually on Tuesdays husband takes Busya from the garden, leaving her with her parents, and then drove the Lisa, and daughter, my best friend at the gym. Sam during their training goes to the gym. And after work I'll take Busya from her father. Today, things are not as usual. Heck. I need another snack!

54. Quickly go down to the shop. Catch.

55. Time of return. I continue to monitor testing, parallel looking JBOSS forums and answering questions from employees. My mailbox is full today.

56. And here is our architect decided to fulfill his promise and sent me a request for further testing. Day ceased to be boring.

57. adds them in the program are tested.

58. ask clarifying questions.

59. I have to go home. Lisa decided not to go to the gym and workout instead of helping her grandmother with Busey. Typically, she trains five times a week. Despite the late arrival, I have to leave on time today.

60. My husband called and asked miserably yadu something Cough. To my objection that houses all is already there, I demanded that I do not know why. And milk for the subsidiaries. We run our court Store.

61. I love the floral department.


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