Life is a simple programmer (84 photos)

Author: Hi! My name is Julia, I live in the Greater Chicago - it is a beautiful name, which with particular zeal are residents of villages adjacent to Chicago.
Usually, it is difficult to show the days of the programmers, for the uninitiated eye, they are fairly static - a person sits back in his beard and sweater at the computer, press a button, and the person expressing the whole range of emotions. In explanation of splashing saliva and carries some nesusvetitsu. A man of art, that it take? But now I am engaged in an interesting task, which involves solving image and therefore have something to show and tell what to chelovecheckom dialect.
I chose to shoot Tuesday - the day when the husband takes and delivers children and I leisurely stay on the job longer. Unfortunately, January 31, was suddenly filled with parallel scenes, so to miss you - I promise! - Will not.

1. At 8:00 I woke up horrified, grabbed the phone and called the dealer. The fact that the night before I stayed tire and bent wheel drive. Quickly I persuaded them to accept me without recording pokompostirovala brains husband sent their youngest daughter in the garden (kindergarten, do not think anything wrong with that), and jumped in the shower. And just jumped out of the shower thought that was going to take off your day. That's it, time:

2. And here I am, in a towel and horrified by the fact that the show hours:

3. Since you're still logged in under the cut, then I tell you a little about yourself. I am 38 years, 19 of which I live in the United States. My family - a husband and two daughters: Elizabeth (Lisa), the twelfth year, and Rachel (Busia) twenty-one months. I work for a big company, which specializes in the retail trade.
By the beginning of my day Lisa had gone to school on the bus. Her dad woke up and shoved until we fill up with Busey. We (shame, shame!) The child is still eating at night, so I have almost two years go sleepy. But enough lyrical digressions, it's time for business. I promised not to come in later than nine dealers.
I run out of the bathroom and start frantically packing. The philosophical question of "what to wear?" Every day is decided in favor of a clean pair of jeans. My best friend once looked into my closet, was surprised to see, "Oh, you have the normal thing is!" I confirm - there. Full wardrobe and nothing to wear anyway.

4. Meditate on the other donated by a friend in NY Boucicaut. Boucicaut I too full, but I put on, of course - nothing. I understand that not immediately come up with what to combine them, sigh, and I leave them where found. Everything is as usual.

5. On the dresser tray of empty cups. Cups were depicted six years ago and presented to us as a gift Lisa, my time was also a saucer. Since we use them every morning that for him, unfortunately, is already noticeable. It is a pity that such a form of harvesting stopped producing. Apparently, we have to drink from them until the crumble. Normally, morning coffee prepares husband, we drink in the kitchen, I do not even know why he now had the idea to bring the bedroom. By the way, he's my day will be present only virtually, why - explain the course.


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