How to use a tampon this man: 10 harsh tips (19 photos)

Talk about survival. On difficult campaigns, emergency situations, on trial for these men, found himself face to face with wildlife. It would seem, and here tampons? No, we do not make a mistake with a header. Now all we tell and show. The topic of today's article - how to use a tampon for survival in extreme conditions. Prude access is denied.

So, first of all: forget everything you know about tampons until now. It's difficult. But imagine that you first saw this thing, for example, the online store of gadgets for survival. Treat it accordingly. Now let's look at specific examples: What can be useful tampon. You'd be surprised how many hidden features it carries in itself.

1. The wound dressing

Tampons are sterile. Their packaging is sealed and waterproof. They are designed to absorb as much fluid. All this makes an excellent material for tampon emergency dressings. It is known that the swabs were used even for primary bullet wounds during the hostilities - handy if there was no other medical equipment.

2. The primitive water filter

Of course, tamponovy filter will not save from heavy metals and chemical pollutants. But with water purification from impurities and small suspended particles, he will cope fine. If the water in the only available source of dirty, muddy, debris cluttered - Construct simple filter made of plastic bottles and raspotroshёnnogo swab.

We thrust pad into the neck of the bottle cropped. The cover makes a small opening, then pour the dirty water.

Water the output is clean, clear and quite drinkable:


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