10 ways to strengthen the relationship with your loved ones!

1. Trust your man.
Some women are easier to give your body than to give his soul. Do not be afraid to trust the man! No one requires you to tell the whole story on the first date. But the strengthening of relations is directly related to trust each other. Open the first and the result will surprise you.

2. Take a genuine interest in the man.
Discuss it with exciting topics. Men are much more difficult than women to withdraw their reasoning and feelings into words. And so they "scroll" in dtsat time talking with the chief and suppliers, trying to figure out on their own. And he sees a woman? The tense face and the lack of interest in it.
Teach a man to share her with you, show interest.

3. Compliment man.
Just do not go on to invent. If you do not like, such as a man puts on, it would be foolish to praise its "ability to combine sports pants and a jacket." Where better to find a man that really you like. At least the fact that it is "watching their face that men have such a rarity" (if you have noticed that he shaves every day, not once in five years).

4. appreciate it.
Your man probably something more effective than other colleagues on the floor.
Otherwise, he would not be your man. It remains only to find it, and like the previous procedure of chips to bring to the men you appreciate him.
There is a significant difference - no need to praise the small things and big. On a global scale, so to speak.
 - Held executive positions? - Super, as you obtained it.
 - Is your business? - Good for you, you know how to make decisions.
And so on ...

5. Yield in small, winning in big.
If the question is not crucial for you - it is better to give in and do as comfortable man. Well, you put a comb where the man will not stumble on it constantly. Well, you close a tube of toothpaste after the men themselves.
If you do not cut it in detail, there is a good chance that that's really important to you, a man goes to a meeting.

6. Allow the man to be alone sometimes.
We all have moments when you just want to be alone with him. Even if at this time you are in a busy supermarket and buy products. If you are alone, you are alone with him (well, maybe the company you compile a list of products).

7. improving and developing themselves.
Be interesting in the first place itself, and then you will be interesting and different. Including your man.
8. Allow yourself to be with him Woman
Whatever the saying of the modern emancipated woman that can move mountains, for a strong relationship is useful to develop their femininity.
Then the man will be nothing left to do but to develop their masculinity.

9. Listen, listen and hear your man.
This is a very important point. If you think that you are the most intelligent and therefore all know and listen to a man - only to spend time, then forget about the strong relationship.
Learn the ability to hear your man. Sometimes it is not the words he said, but actions speak louder.

10. Give the man that he could not give other women.
If you use these chips, then, believe me, you will give your man just that.


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