Dietary cheesecakes

1-2 servings (depending on appetite and opportunities):

• 250 grams of cottage cheese;
• 40 grams of sweet dried apricots;
• 1 small egg;
• vanillin.

To have breakfast delicious cheesecakes and dietary evening to soak dried apricots for half an hour, an hour in the cold (not to increase in vain GI) drinking (as part of the absorbed) water. So we soften it up a bit, and get rid of at least part of preservatives, which it is treated. In principle, all this part can be omitted if you do not bother too much. Pour water, it remains in it all the dirt and chemicals, and apricots with cream cheese, egg and vanilla in a blender send. I 50 grams of curd leave for refueling.
All grind-mix and send in the refrigerator overnight. Per night curd thoroughly saturated with the sweetness of dried apricots and thickens slightly, making it easier sculpting cheesecakes. Of course, the hands are still without flour molded will not, but it is neatly laid out with a spoon (does not hurt to wet it in water to make it more beautiful) on baking parchment. If still too liquid - it all depends on the cheese, you can use silicone molds for cakes or cupcakes.
Send the case to the preheated oven. I put a little less than 180 gr. 30 min. But to determine exactly what lies my oven, so be guided by their.
Very tasty, if cheesecakes something to pour. For example, mix 50 grams of cottage cheese (I have it in a pack, high-protein) in a blender with a couple of tablespoons of water, stevioside and vanilla, sometimes even add lemon juice. You can yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese pasty, etc.


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