Cake "Sakura" - Japanese sponge cake with cottage cheese and sour cream and black currant

Yolk - 3 pcs. + 1yaytso
Protein - 3 pcs.
Flour - 40g
Sugar - 50g
Drain. butter - 40g
Cream - 40ml
For the cream:
Sour cream - 150g
Cottage cheese - 100g
Sah. powder - 5ch.l.
For layers:
Jam Blackcurrant
Yolks + 1yaytso beat until fluffy white mass (10Minutes), then gradually introduce the cream and flour, continuing to whisk, pour a thin stream of melted cooled butter and mix until smooth. Separated proteins were whipped with a pinch of salt and sugar to stable peaks gently enter and mix in the dough (so that the protein is not settled). Put the dough evenly into the mold, greased plums. butter and bake in the oven for 180 degrees - 35-40minut. Ready biscuit cool slightly in the form (5 min), and then get completely cool on a wooden cutting board (sponge cake settle a bit). Cut lengthwise into 3 parts.
For the cream: whisk all ingredients blender until smooth.
Assemble the cake: the lower fluff cake creamy curd cream, cover with second Korzh, his fluff jam on top of the third cake, cake completely smear cream on top and decorate with a little jam. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours for impregnation. When submitting cut into portions. Enjoy your tea!


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