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matter how much we may be years, cake - it's always a holiday. A homemade cake - a real triumph. Sometimes you want to pamper yourself and your family a delicious dessert own cooking, but to create it takes a lot of time and effort.

We are in the Website know how busy women today, so have 5 of the most delicious and simple recipes for cakes, which are quick and easy to prepare Cookies.

Banana Cake Cookies h3> d120ec4531.jpg

You will need:

1 kg unsalted crackers 4 large banana 1 liter of sour cream 0, 5 kg of sugar 100 g chocolate Preparation:

Beat the cream with the sugar. Bananas cut into thin circles. Spread on crackers dish, top coat with sour cream and stack them on each slice of banana pechenyushki. Then - again a layer of crackers, cream, banana. When laying layers should comply with the checkerboard pattern, that is, put a banana crackers on a banana - a cracker, and so forth. The last layer should be made of crackers covered with sour cream. Decorate our cake with grated chocolate and crushed crackers, leave it for several hours in the refrigerator for impregnation.

Chocolate Cake Cookies with cream cheese h3> 30798741bb.jpg

You will need:

400 g of cottage cheese 200 g of condensed milk 1 h. liter. cocoa (with slide) 2/3 cup milk 30 pcs. chocolate chip cookies chocolate chips, or simply crushed chocolate 1 banana vanilla candied fruits and pine nuts (for decoration) li > Preparation:

Mix in a bowl until smooth half of the cottage cheese with half the condensed milk, chocolate chips and vanilla. In another bowl, mix the second half of the cottage cheese with the remaining condensed milk and cocoa mix thoroughly. Pour the milk into a flat plate. Dipped in milk cookies, spread it on a platter, top smear his vanilla-curd weight, level. Then dipped in milk the next batch of cookies, spread it on top and coat with cottage cheese and chocolate mass. Top decompose cut into slices of banana, cottage cheese and smear all the chocolate mass. Then repeat all the layers so that the layer turned out to be the last cookie, covered with cottage cheese and vanilla weight. Decorate our cake colored candied fruits and pine nuts, put it in the fridge so that it soaked for a few hours.

Cake cookies on custard h3> 2fdfe550be.jpg

You will need:

300 g pastry 300 g butter 300 g sugar 1 egg 300 g of milk 1 h. liter. potato flour 2 cups peeled walnuts vanilla to taste pieces of candy to decorate Preparation: strong >

Flour diluted in a half glass of warm milk and pour this mixture into the saucepan with the boil a glass of milk. Cook until thick, stirring, then Let cool. Rubs butter with the sugar and eggs, mix all with the cooled flour mass and vanilla. Cookies grind grinder, chop the nuts and pour into all the resulting cream and stir well. Lined with oiled paper form and spread it received weight, flatten with a knife and put on a few hours in the refrigerator. Then, removing the cake from the mold and removing the paper from him, decorate his halves of nuts, caramel chips and crushed cookies.

Cake biscuits with coffee aroma h3> 34937522a5.jpg

You will need:

4 eggs 200 g sugar 200 g butter 0, 5 kg of biscuits 1 cup strong coffee 2 tbsp. l. cocoa powder 10 g vanilla sugar 100 g of chocolate Preparation:

Mix eggs with sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla sugar, warm up all the water bath until thick. After cooling the resulting mixture, and adding a softened butter, whisk until smooth. Greased form, put it in the layers of cookies previously dipped it in coffee. Each layer obtained coat with cream. When all the layers have been stacked, cake put in the refrigerator so that it is soaked for a few hours. Taking the cake out of the refrigerator, carefully turn over the form and decorate our product with grated chocolate and coffee beans.

Cake without baking with fruits h3> 461c5b1474.jpg

You will need:

700 g delicate cracker 0, 5 liters of cream 25% fat 25 g gelatin 200 g sugar li > 3 bananas 3 oranges 3 kiwi 2 large apples berries to taste Preparation:

Fill with water and gelatin prepare it according to the instructions on the package. Fruits clean and cut into small pieces, not forgetting to leave for decoration 1 fruit. Berries and my obsushivayut with a paper towel. Mix sour cream with sugar, fruit and dissolved gelatin, mix well. Every pechenyushki dipped into the mix and spread on a dish in the form of cake, topped with the remaining weight of sour cream with fruit. Cut into thin slices fruit left, surrounded by cushioning them with berries surface of the cake, which is then left for a few hours in a cool place for impregnation. Source iamcook.ru

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