Myths about food (15 photos)

Often we hear about the dangers of certain foods, then we are assured that they are absolutely not harmful, but even useful.
Bewildered people shovel full of food baskets, which can not be called useful.
Let's see what you can eat and what is not.

The lettuce leaves few vitamins

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the salad and do not consider it a meal. Meanwhile, it gives us a huge amount of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients. Besides, salad often used in crude form, but even if heat treatment does not lose the beneficial properties. Romaine salad rich in vitamin C, and watercress, except for vitamins C and E, there are also beta-carotene, which helps to neutralize the negative effects on the body of free radicals. It should be eaten fresh salad as possible. The leaves packed in packages contain less vitamin because they fill the "modified" air to extend the life of the salad.

Soy does not contain toxins

In recent years, soy has gained considerable popularity among the followers of a healthy diet. However, except for use of soybeans carry natural toxins, known as antinutrients. And they have the phytic acid, which reduces the body's ability to absorb calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc, and the trypsin inhibitors which interfere with protein digest. During the fermentation process (Fermentation) most toxins disappears. The most healthy foods made from soy sauces are considered, and tofu and green soy beans should be consumed only in small quantities.

Skim milk is healthier whole

Many shun whole milk because of its fat content. In fact, the average fat content of milk cows is only 3, 7 - 5%. Therefore, if you do not drink it in liters, the total amount of fat consumed by you is not affected. But skimmed and semi-skimmed milk - less nutritious. The cream also contain vitamins A, D, E and K, are important for the immune system and bones.

Molasses is not helpful

It is well known that a lot of sugar in the diet - it's bad. However syrup, processed sugar cane or beet, it contains an extremely large amounts of calcium, potassium, manganese, copper and iron, but also vitamin D. Spoon syrup has been added, for example, natural yoghurt, turn it into a tasty and healthy dessert.

Rhubarb is useful

Rhubarb, which many housewives put into compotes and cakes, contains useful soluble fibers, vitamins but it is so small that the benefits do not justify the amount of sugar that will need to sweeten the dish.

From artificial sweeteners do not get fat

Artificial sweeteners are marketed as a product giving a sweet taste but does not contain calories. However, the researchers found that in this way we manage to fool only the language, but not the brain, and the people who use them, still fat. According to one version, the body, is waiting for the sweet taste and calories, but did not get past, they begin a real "hunt". The second version is that the brain does not get the satisfaction of a sugar substitute, it makes us want more sweet and even provoke "sugar" dependent.

Any whole grain bread useful white

Some kinds of whole grain breads have a high glycemic index, therefore, like white bread, may cause an increase in blood sugar levels. Consuming large amounts of "wrong" wholemeal bread, people recover, but remain hungry.

Cereals do not harm the digestive organs

Rice, couscous and polenta contain vitamins B and E, and even minerals - manganese, magnesium and selenium. However, all of this is contained in other products, such as eggs, meat or fish. As for the benefits of insoluble fiber, which are also found in grains, on this occasion expert opinion divided. Some believe that these fibers are able to enhance the digestive problems, in particular irritable bowel syndrome. But those fibers that are in oatmeal (instant), the body takes well.

Sitting on a diet, you can eat a baked potato

Unfortunately, the potato has a high glycemic index, which means a rapid increase in blood sugar levels, causing release of insulin, which in turn causes the body to store fat. Young potato contains less starch and less sugar level increases rapidly. Old as potatoes, even baked, should be avoided for those who want to lose weight.

Meat sausages very harmful

Sausages have a bad reputation because of the high content of saturated fat. However, more studies confirm that natural saturated fats carry with them a lot of benefits, in particular, strengthen the immune system. So, sausages with salad, garnished with vegetables or beans - it's not so bad, just should choose those that more meat (85-90%).

Spreads better butter, because they lower cholesterol

Scientists have examined the theory of the relationship of cholesterol to heart disease. Furthermore, cholesterol is an essential component of cell membranes, and even without the body can not produce certain hormones - cortisone, testosterone and estrogen. Mantra "saturated fat - it's bad" is outdated, and the need to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood - is questionable. Spreads also contain plant sterols or stanols, which may interfere with the absorption of certain vitamins, such as vitamin E. Incidentally, butter is a rich source of vitamin A.

Safe refined oil

Undoubtedly, polyunsaturated fats are very useful when they are contained, e.g., in oily fish. They lower blood pressure, protect against stroke and heart disease, improve brain function. A processed or refined fats found in refined vegetable oils - a completely different thing. They are unstable and can easily become bitter when exposed to heat, oxygen or moisture. Then they form dangerous free radicals, which are harmful to the body and increase the risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Experts advise to reduce consumption of oil, possibly replacing them with unrefined olive oil. It is relatively stable, but still can not give him a light.

We need to eat less eggs

To date, scientists have not been fully proved that the cholesterol contained in egg yolks, is harmful to health. Meanwhile, the egg - a source of high quality protein and vitamins. They are nutritious, and they have great breakfast. Therefore, if you eat one egg a day, you have nothing to worry about.

Grapes safe

It turns out that it contains more pesticides in non-organic grapes. German experts once found in one of the samples of the remains of 26 types of pesticides. This is because the vines grow each year at the same place. There is "accumulation" of sores and pests, so that the plants need regular treatment chemicals.



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