★ If you want to be healthy - Charge!

A small set of exercises morning will wake up faster and provide all-day alertness and elation.

1. Wake up, but do not jump right out of bed - pulled, if you wish - and pozevat pokryahtet and only then - the rise.

2. The morning toilet. According to the direction of travel turn on the music. Do not want to - do not turn on. It can be used as a background, and the morning news, but the music is much more pleasant.

3. Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands on his belt. Slow head tilts left - right - forward - backward. If the vestibular system is weak - no need to turn a blind eye - dizzy.

4. From the starting position (standing, heels together, toes apart, arms at your sides) raising his hands straight up - stretch - two accounts, and make a slight delay - down on two counts. Try to get up when you pull on your toes and find a balance.

5. torso to the side from its original position - standing, feet wider than shoulders, hands on his belt as follows: two bills to the left - right on two accounts. The slopes can be further strengthen by the movement of the hands (when tilted to the left are drawn right hand, when bending to the right - left).

6. Twisting. Feet wider than shoulders, hands in front of chest, "the castle", elbows to the sides at shoulder level. Alternately perform exercises left - right. If space permits - arms to the sides parallel to the floor, her fingers into a fist - the amplitude of the movement will be more.

7. Sitting on the floor, legs apart - alternate slopes: to the right leg, the left leg and in the middle. Knees not to bend as much as possible but also by virtue of the slopes is not necessary - it allows you to stretch and do. Slowly, four bills (left, right, middle, upright).

8. Exercise for muscles of the body (in the army, it is called the "Army" or "soldier spring"). Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms at your sides. At the expense of time - hands forward and up - to bend back, looking up; at the expense of two to lean forward (knees do not bend) - hands touching (if possible, of course) sex; on three - to sit on the whole foot, back straight, hands forward; on the count of four - original position. Running dynamics.


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