Lose Weight in 14 days.

You can not get into your favorite dress? This diet will help you lose weight in just two weeks.

1. Eat fiber. Fat - not the only reason why your stomach is inflated. About 80% of women regularly suffer from digestive disorders. To get rid of bloating, eating more fiber, which is found in apples, citrus fruits and legumes.
2. Do not forget about vitamin C. The researchers believe that the lack of vitamin C in the body reduces the fat burning during fitness by 25%. Make it a rule every day to eat 100 mg of vitamin C. You can eat daily 10 large strawberries, sweet red peppers and orange.
3. Eat healthy bacteria. Probiotics, which are in the yogurt and kefir, normalize balance of bacteria in the body and help burn calories.
4. Forget about alcohol. Drink affects not only your health but also your appetite. The more alcohol you drink, the more you want to eat.
5. Eat your spinach. This low-calorie product contains a large amount of antioxidants that help fight stress. Replace the rice and macaroni salad of spinach. Or you can fry a plant with a teaspoon of olive oil and paprika.
6. Drink coffee. This drink contains caffeine, which can help you burn calories more active during exercise. In addition, this substance improves digestion.


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