★ 18 signs that you have enough to diet. :)

1. In the store you are trying to find a shelf with mineral water light.

2. In the darkness, your boyfriend accidentally confused you with a floor lamp and gently put his arm around his waist.

3. Students feed you out of pity and give you my chocolate and sandwiches.

4. You do not understand why men are so fond of the fat lady Keira Knightley.

5. At night you tormented by the same nightmare: a fridge, top to bottom scored cakes, sandwiches, sausage, and other high-calorie food.

6. Your friend, who teaches anatomy, began to invite you to his studies as a visual aid.

7. Leisure at sea was terrible: at the beach all the time a light breeze was blowing and you could not get to the water.

8. On the night your guy fastens you to the bed with handcuffs ... To blew a draft.

9. Only one type of cake with whipped cream makes you raptures.

10. In a cafe or restaurant, you ask the waiter for a menu that contains not only the cost of food, but their calorie content.

11. Your guy stopped wearing your arms, and now a plant on his shoulder.

12. Any clothing hanging on you and dress-stretch, too.

13. From the same shirt the guy you can easily make four outfit for every day.

14. New stylish collar with Swarovski crystals, which belongs to your favorite Chukhua-hua, do you use as a belt for your own waist.

15. In one hand, a spoon, and the other fork: you easily manage to work out biceps hand homes.

16. In the department of children's clothes you ask the seller why no small sizes.

17. If you do not wear a bra, it does not bother men and women are not outraged.

18. Even the most elegant high heels on you seem rude.


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