How to choose the perfect New Year's dress?

Top 15 tips on "Fashion sentence" on the right choice of dress for the meeting, the snake! Tell her friends, this should know!

1. Actual color Christmas outfit - black, blue and purple. Still, the year the black snake!

2. Your New Year's dress should emphasize the elegance and grace of your figure, to give you a mysterious and seductive.

3. Your dress should be in the "snake" taste. It is best to choose a tight-fitting model that will emphasize the beauty of the figure.

4. The dress should be the maximum length. Loved by many tight mini not suitable for the New Year.

5. You can also give preference to green, turquoise and aqua.

6. It is best to give preference to the sparkling and shimmering fabrics. Excellent atlas will look.

7. Another option for dress for the New Year - a leather or imitation leather.

8. For your New Year's dress, you can take a variety of fabrics with patterns.

9. Shiny sequins and sparkling rhinestones on fabrics that mimic the skin of a snake, will be an excellent choice for the dress.

10. Naturally, it is possible to select tissue and other patterns, but in this case, the clothes must be present a black color.

11. As the evening dresses for the New Year should be rigorous enough, then you should pick up and accessories to match them.

12. If a meeting of the year of the Dragon had to give preference bright gems, this time it is better to do without them.

13. As accessories take a variety of products from white gold or silver. Also great pearls.

14. Shoes and handbag should not create color accents.

15. Various capes or shawls that you can choose for your dress, also do not have to be bright.


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