Expensive dresses

In the first place there is the modest dress

$ 12 million

The most expensive dress in the world has become a wedding dress created by designer Rene Strauss (Renee Strauss) in collaboration with jeweler Martin Katz (Martin Katz).

The bodice is strewn with loose diamond, provides a "modest" cost along.

The dress was presented at the exhibition of wedding dresses Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal show in February 2006 and has not yet found a buyer.

$ 9 million

The second cost dress among the most expensive in the world was created by British designer Scott Henshallom (Scott Henshal).

The dress is a finely woven, diamond-studded cobweb.

Samantha Mumba black model struck her outfit to wear to all those present at the premiere of "Spider-Man 3".

"In fact, it is very convenient," - said the model, which is guarded during the premiere of a squad of bodyguards.

After the event, the diamonds were removed from the dress and returned to the sponsor.

8, $ 5 million

The third cost dress, standing only 500 thousand cheaper diamond Wide Web was created by famous Japanese Yumi Katsura Kutur (Yumi Katsura).

This wedding dress is strewn with white diamonds and even thousands of real pearls.

1, 6 million dollars

Well, the most expensive dress with a history should recognize the fact that Marilyn Monroe wore in March 1961 on the birthday of John F. Kennedy (which, incidentally, is called, «Happy Birthday»). His stitched American fashion designer Jean-Louis at the personal request of the actress. Marilyn asked him "outfit that would be able to put on just me." Before you get started, the maestro reviewed all movies with stars, and he had the idea to make a dress that creates the full effect of exposure. Finest silk skin color brought from France, the pattern was made directly on the zakazchitsa, at her home in Brentwood. The result is a dress with the effect of a "second skin", embroidered with thousands of 6 diamond sparkles. It was worth the actress, according to various sources, from $ 2, 5 thousand. To $ 12 thousand. - A huge sum in those days. Not so long ago at Christie's auction it was sold for $ 1, 6 million. - An absolute record! At the same time buyers - two New York merchant, believe it got him on the cheap - in their opinion, the dress is not less than three million. New news

500 thousand dollars

The starting price for a black evening gown, studded with diamonds, was 500 thousand dollars. Subsequently, it was sold for 1, 8 million dollars. In 2000, the toilet was a real revelation: one of the first design experiments with a truly luxurious outfits. It introduced a model Jodie Kidd within the show Mary Grahfogel.

Dress with a slit to the thigh at the front and rear drop down to the floor consists of a transparent skirt in the form of a fish tail and silk corset, which is decorated with two thousand diamonds. Under the terms of the insurance Jody could wear this outfit only in certain predetermined "safe" places. The dress was delivered to the store in a special van. A few seconds after the model took off his jewel was taken to hide in seyfe.http: //www.vecherniy.kharkov.ua/news/14482

300 thousand dollars

This dress is for the customer who wished to remain anonymous, was created by the American brand Anthony La Bate of Francesca Couture.

Studded with diamonds in total 300 carats and 3000 thousands of Swarovski crystals, dress, rumored to be a bride adorned from Arab Emirates.

$ 267, 948 dollars

This dress is decorated with 15 thousand Australian gold coins, was presented at a fashion show in Tokyo academic kollezhde Bunka Fashion college Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka (Ginza Tanaka), among whose works there are other precious toilet.

Golden dress itself weighs 10 pounds, and accompanied him to bare himself fragile mannequin other heroic models showed on their gold jackets weighing 15 pounds!

245,000 dollars

And one more creation Ginza Tanaka (Ginza Tanaka) - a translucent dress gold wire.

This golden creation of high fashion and jewelry is much easier and weighs only 1, 1 kilogram.

200 thousand dollars

Every creature Houses Christian Dior, as demonstrated on the show Fashion Week autumn 2007 - winter 2008 should not have less than 200 thousand dollars.

One of the orders was sold immediately after the show.

At about the same amount of cost wedding dress model Melanie Krauss, published in spring 2005 to marry a billionaire Donald Trump. Future Mrs. Trump choose an outfit for a long time among the creations of the leading couturiers of the world, until stopped at Treasures of the Christian Dior Couture. To create this shimmering dress of satin, decorated on the bodice silver jewelery, it took 90 meters of fabric and 550 hours of manual labor.

Demonstrate this dress on the show model fell, unable to bear the heavy load of luxury. But seems happy bride Melanie came to the altar without incident.

150 thousand dollars

This dress was presented at the demonstration of the House of Christian Lacroix Spring 2006 Couture.

On the Russian model Vlada Ruslyakova flaunted light chiffon dress with gold prints. Complements the outfit included in the price of gold crown with pearls.

127 thousand dollars

That is the amount necessary to pay for this dress called Swarovski Dirndl Dress.

The dress is made in the medieval style, with 150 thousands of Swarovski crystals.

125 thousand dollars

This dress of silk chiffon belonged to itself Princess Diana, who wore it twice in 1989 at the London premiere of Miss Saigon and the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

Created by designer Catherine Walker (Catherine Walker) dress now presented at the auction.

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