Major fashion-trends

Equal to the stars, to imitate them, they want to be like. So what are surprised that all the fashion trends in clothing and accessories, we know it is due to them. Fashion-trends in this century just incredibly much, but still most of them are far more common than others, because they promote themselves Hollywood celebrities! Mustard color, polka dots, floral print - all this and much more is in the clothes the stars, and hence in our clothes, too, because of the ideal of many ordinary girls take famous and popular beauties. Today I would like to show you the major fashion trends that have been and are likely to be in demand among women.

Polychromatic color

Mustard-colored dress

Dress with inserts at the waist

Dress green color

Low suede ankle boots

Pants of bright colors

Dresses "under the metal┬╗

Short fabric jackets

Bright mini shorts

Rigorous pantsuits

Shoes with metal spikes

Dress to the floor

Denim shirt

Striped dress

Trench foot

Trousers with braces

Bags with fringe

Wide-brimmed hats

Green earrings

Dress with animal print

White elegant pantsuits

Fur vests

Jeans with a high seating

Hats with ears

Long dark skirt


Dress with a print "starry sky┬╗

Polka-dot dress

Gray robes bulk

Dress in golden tones

Dress with a cut on his chest

Dress skin tones


Dresses with cut

Dresses with floral print

Round glasses

Points Heart


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