Give people second chances, but not third...

Life is complicated. It is not simple and smooth, and inconsistent and incomprehensible. However, despite the disappointments, she's beautiful. The world is full of endless possibilities, even those that seem unattainable. No one would ever be able to give answers to all questions about how to be happy, but everyone can share the secret of his happiness.

From the least to the greatest, everyone learned something in his life, he can share with others. Some tips are new and others are a reminder of the old. We have compiled a list of 90 of the best life lessons. Regardless of whether they are new or reminders of the lessons of the past we hope that everyone can learn from this list something useful for yourself.

1. Bring all the things they took from others.

2. Do more than is expected of you.

3. Praise people in front. Criticize a person's alone with him.

4. Hold in check your character.

5. Give people a second chance but not a third.

6. Clearly define your priorities.

7. Pasha deep while sluggards sleep.

8. Don't expect that others will listen to your advice or ignore your example.

9. Don't expect that money will bring you happiness.

10.Measure your success the measure with which you're enjoying peace, health and love.

11. If you want to be rich, do not think to increase their property,

but only diminish their greed.

12. Think about the great, but find pleasure in the little joys.

13. Keep other people's secrets.

14. Look for the good in people........


15. First three think and then keep silent.

16. Never give up, never say die. For when it seems that everything is lost, everything is already saved.

17. Take care of your reputation: is your most valuable asset.

18. All notice, many cover my eyes, correct little.

19. Every person you meet knows something you don't.

20. Rejoice the success of others!

21. Ask God not money and things, and wisdom and courage.

22. Show people that you will protect and what will not protect you.

23. Cultivate the ability to take the place of another person. Try to see things from the point of view of another person.

24. Enjoy today, there is little hope for tomorrow.

25. Build a fire of old friendship.

26. Measure people by their capacity of the heart, not the wallet.

27. Accept pain and disappointment as part of life.

28. Dedicate yourself to achieving quality.

29. Having good, remember, and do forget.

30. Setting the stage for new friends, don't leave the old one.

31. If you need money, go to a stranger; if you need tips, go to friends; if you don't need anything, go to relatives.

32. Strive for perfection, but not to the ideal.

33. Remember: only life has a price!

34. Find another way to assert my masculinity than to shoot at birds and animals.

35. Demand excellence and be willing to pay for it.

36. If go is the most pleasant will be most unpleasant.

37. Smoothed the face, will make the voice quieter, and the walk — slowly; gradually in imitation of the external converted internal.

38. Avoid negative people.

39. Respect traditions.

40. My body don't do a coffin your soul.

41.Before leaving, don't look back.

42. Despise poverty: no one is in life as poor as he was at birth. Despise pain: she will leave you or you leave her.

43. After you have achieved that wanted, take the time to enjoy the achievements.

44. Smile for the disabled!

45. Often don't say anything.

46. Use your wit to impress and not offend.

47. While it is possible, live bold and fun.

48. Don't be a redneck.

49. Live with what you have, and keep today's surplus for tomorrow: better good to leave enemies than to beg for friends.

50. After seeing ham, close your eyes.

51. Don't be afraid of the last day, but do not call him.

52. Life should be razmenivat like to live you have little much.

53. Care about your attitude to life. Don't let anyone define it for you.

54. Strengthen a sense of contentment with his fate: with this weapon, you are invincible.

55. Learn to find joy in life — that's the best way to attract happiness.

56. Don't chase happiness: it is always in you.

57. Nothing is put off to every day, to be even with life.

58. Learn as if you'll live forever; live as if you'll die tomorrow.

59. Even if you have to live till noon, have some food until the evening.

60. Live as can, not as you want.

61.I want to understand others — take a closer look at himself.

62. Evaluate yourself according to their standards, not the standards of someone else.

63. If you caused damage — make peace, if I offended — revenge.

64. Forgive your enemies is the best way of pissing them off.

65. Enemies and friends don't count.

66. Happiness is not vaznonis, in adversity not stoop.

67. Love the one who loves you.

68. Do today what you are going to do tomorrow; tell me tomorrow that you were going to say today.

69. I want to be smart, learn to ask reasonably, to listen carefully, respond calmly and stop talking when you have nothing more to say.

70. Before ordering, learn to obey.

71. Trust no man, praising himself.

72. Learn to forgive and your strength to multiply.

73. Whatever happens, pretend that this is what you wanted.

74. Presbrey slander — and it will wither.

75. If you don't want to know fear, try not to fix evil.

76. Before you enter, think how to get out.

77. Beware every person that you did good.

78. Remember that winners do what losers don't want to do.

79. If you want you to have a little time, don't do anything.

80. Don't let anyone divert you from what you think is a great idea.

81. Follow your own road, and let people say what they want.


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82. Or not try, or go the whole hog.

83. Want to be happy? Learn first to suffer.

84. If you're sick, start again, if you're exhausted, start again and again.

85. Keep faith in yourself even when no one doesn't believe in you.

86. Do not raise dust on the road of life.

87. Instead of "if" use the words "next time".

88. Look people in the eye.

89. Farewell to others, and from time to time.

90. Don't tell me you have a little time: you are allotted the same number of hours per day, and Beethoven, Pushkin and Leonardo da Vinci.



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