It Chernomyrdin, when I became the ambassador of Russia in Ukraine

I would like to deeply thank you for your vote of confidence on the appoint me ambassador to our neighbor's brother Republic of Ukraine.
 I hope to continue to strengthen the robust two-way communication, which for a long time some people time to adjust, but not so ...
And well, that is ... And it took fashion and sundry, and everyone else tries and more ...
 And where they were before?
 When you think it was necessary, and not cut straight from the shoulder seven times ...
And now we woke up, ran. And they turned back. In the deepest sense.
 But Chernomyrdin warned. And not just, and not just ... Because he knew and saw in the water. So what? Never mind. And we do what?
Today, nothing, nothing tomorrow, and then realized it - yesterday, it turns out nothing.
 And with whom to ask, I ask you? These there are here, and those still no one has ...
And they, that's where they had me. And the people, because he feels everything. And Ukrainian, maybe even better than the others.
 And do not be: it Chernomyrdin Chernomyrdin sho. Chernomyrdin never anywhere and anytime, anywhere ...
And everything. And when he had five years stretch, by the way, and not that ...
And those who most, where are they? I would say these here, as they say, with his hands. And until now, and I will always be, there was ...
 Although sometimes I happen.
 But now is not to think about it. Now we have everything together.
 All we had everything in common. And the fate and trumpets and songs. Yes, it is difficult, yes, badly, but we are here.
Because this is our home. Both Russia and Ukraine, whatever you call.
And who owes whom, there is still need to understand. Because everything must be all.
 We are here with Leonid Danilych even considered not begun, and already strayed.
 But we calculate, and then everyone will know. We primarily.
 And if someone is too smart, let him believe, and then we will check.
And reported anywhere. Now with regard to contentious issues. Questions have, there is no dispute.
That is, there is a dispute, there is no question. Then we have to decide.
Not so with a touch and sober. We are here because one hundred and fifty million.
And you fifty. And if one starts, then what? Two hundred ... It's necessary to take into account.
And in China in general and a half billion. Well, where all of them?
Right Tarapunka Pushkin wrote: "Yak die, in the Ukraine pohovayte cute ..." And that's when it was.
And ever since someone scratched. As for prospects to say.
It is today the most important thing. It does not matter, Chernomyrdin or someone ... Yeah whoever. Because, when we created the Gore Commission, they were all, but not immediately.
The Commission has then appeared ... In the process of creating.
 And there is work still continues, but with a reverse perspective, a new qualitative level.
 We need to look forward, not to be confused under the feet, people tear off the case.
 Why do we need all this? Especially today, when all the world for a long time, except us.
 Only we let these ... do not want to name here ...
Yes, they laugh at us all already. And rightly so, and rightly so. But we can prove and have already proven.
Because we can.
 Because it should. A time must, therefore, necessary.
 And on this I would like to ... And I want ... And I want! ..


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