Scam millennium. "The uranium deal"

11/16/2013. Russian weapons-grade uranium fuel stop power US line be drawn under "transaction Gore-Chernomyrdin»

Valentin Katasonov believes early to put an end to the history of the transaction, "Gore-Chernomyrdin", which caused enormous damage to our country ...

Almost none of the Russian media did not pay attention to an event that took place late last week. From the port of St. Petersburg on a journey across the Atlantic sailed merchant ship Atlantic Navigator. On board - containers with Russian uranium.

"Gore-Chernomyrdin deal": the true goals of our American "partners". This was the last batch of uranium, which was sent to the United States on the basis of signed twenty years ago, the Russian-American agreement. The agreement provided for delivery to the US 500 metric tons of uranium, which Russia undertook to extract from its nuclear weapons and that America intended to be used as fuel for nuclear power plants.

About this uranium deal actively discussed in the 1990s, but today, the theme was "behind the scenes" discussions of the key issues of our lives. A younger generation just did not hear anything about the deal. Therefore, we must be reminded of its history. Immediately, I note that this is no ordinary trade and economic deal beneficial to both parties. This act of the biggest robberies in Russia is not only the newest in its history, but also the entire history of the country. Russia has lost the "cold war" of the West, primarily the United States. He lost in no small part due to the treacherous policy of our leaders. These tops continued to "rent" the country in the 1990s. "The uranium deal" - acceptance of our treacherous to pay tribute to the top winner in the form of weapons-grade uranium. The principal agreement on this was reached between the then Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and US Vice President Albert Gore, so the deal is often called the "Gore-Chernomyrdin deal." It is also called "scam of the Millennium" by virtue of an unprecedented magnitude. In fact, it was an operation of the West, which solves several strategic goals:

a) unilateral nuclear disarmament by depriving Russia of its stocks of weapons-grade uranium, as well as the preparation of conditions for the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty;

b) applying a huge economic loss of Russia (the accumulated stock of weapons-grade plutonium is an essential part of the national wealth of Russia at the time);

c) deprivation of the huge Russian energy sources in the future, after the foreseen introduction of new technology thorium nuclear energy.

The extent of the robbery in Russia. "Scam Goals" deal dubbed because, firstly, it had a huge scale; secondly, it was concluded fraudulently. Many Russian and American media sought to present it as a mediocre commercial agreement. The total purchase price for the supply of 500 tonnes. Uranium was determined to be 11, 9 billion. Dollars. Meanwhile, the value of the specified amount of highly enriched uranium is incomparably higher. To produce this amount of weapons-grade uranium in the mining and defense industries labor in the country for about forty years, several hundred thousand people. Manufacturing dangerous, tens of thousands of people have lost health and disability, shortened his life. It was a huge sacrifice in order to forge a "nuclear shield" of the country and ensure a calm, peaceful life of the Soviet Union and its allies - the socialist camp. This uranium provides military-strategic parity in the world, which dramatically reduces the risk of World War II.

On the other hand, the American media has such estimates: by Russian uranium at the beginning of this century, at the plant produced 50% of US electricity. One in ten kilowatt hour of electricity in the entire US economy was provided by the uranium from Russia. According to the estimates, which were made by experts at the end of the last century, the real value of 500 tonnes of weapons-grade plutonium was at the time not less than $ 8 trillion. For comparison, the annual average of the annual GDP of Russia, according to Rosstat, in the last decade of the last century there were around 400 bln. Dollars. It turns out that the actual price of the uranium deal was only 0, 15% in relation to the minimum real value of the goods. The real cost of uranium was equivalent to 20 (twenty) annual GDP!

There have been many wars in human history. After they defeated often pay reparations and indemnities winners. Recall, for example, the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. "Iron Chancellor" Bismarck appointed defeated France in a contribution of about 13% of GDP (5 billion. Francs). Probably the biggest indemnity paid in recent history defeated in World War I Germany. Media reported that Germany just three years ago, has been paying reparations under the terms of the Treaty of Paris in 1919. In Germany, reparations were imposed in the amount of 269 billion. Gold marks. The amount, of course, enormous, it is equivalent to about 100 000 t of gold. At present the price of "yellow metal" would be about 4 trillion. dollars. Experts in the field of economic history argue that to Germany in Paris reparation is about twice the GDP of the then Germany. Among other things, the payment of reparations by Germany stretched over nine decades (with interruptions; pure payments were made for about seven decades); payment of the "uranium reparations" Russia abided in 20 years (with most of the uranium was delivered to the US in the 1990s).

In the history of the early to finish. "The uranium deal" was accomplished in total secrecy from the people. We do not even been aware of many of the "people's representatives". For the reason that it is in violation of Russian law did not pass the ratification procedure in our parliament. In the second half of the 1990s. a number of deputies have launched an investigation to clarify the terms of the transaction, the circumstances of its conclusion, assessment of compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and other normative acts of Russia. As a result of strong pressure from certain influential forces surrounding then-President Boris Yeltsin managed to stop the investigation. We are trying to understand the transaction and many of our other policies. And even sought denunciation of the agreement on the supply of uranium to the United States. Among them, for example, the legendary general L.Rohlin, Yu.Skuratov Attorney General, State Duma Deputy Ilyukhin. Death of Rokhlin and retired Skuratov many people associate it with the fact that they showed excessive activity in the investigation, "the uranium deal».

Even if the supply of uranium in the transaction Gore Chernomordin ended, it does not mean that the story should be put an end. It is necessary to return to serious analysis and investigation of the transaction in the framework of a special inter-ministerial committee with the participation of specialists of the nuclear industry, the people's representatives (the State Duma), law enforcement officials, the Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, and other agencies and organizations, independent experts in technical, military, legal and economic issues. I am a realist, I understand that today, such a commission is unlikely to be established. But events in Russia are developing rapidly. If tomorrow the vector of our movement will change the layout of forces in the higher echelons of power will change in favor of the patriots, the issue of the investigation of the uranium deal may be in the "short list" of urgent cases the authorities.

Firstly, there are suspicions that a number of persons involved in that transaction, remain in the "cage" current politicians and government officials. There is no guarantee that they will not continue to work in the interests of the US and the West.

Secondly, we need to correct and honest understanding of our recent history. Without truthful disclosure of the details "of the uranium deal" and its political, military, moral evaluation is no guarantee that we will again not to step on such "rake". Analysis of the real aims of the American side of the deal clearly highlights the true aims and interests of those whom we, unfortunately, by inertia continue to call "partners».

Third, we need informed and detailed assessment of the economic damage that was done a deal for Russia and its people. Any attempt to Russia to embark on economic recovery the West will put a spoke in the wheel of our current reforms, socio-economic transformation. We must be prepared for the fact that the West will increasingly expose us to all sorts of "accounts". For example, if we try to hold deoffshorizatsiyu our economy. Including spending nationalization of assets located in the Russian offshore companies. Through the courts the US, UK, other European countries, will inevitably begin "dispute" with the owners of offshore companies and / or their representatives with far-fetched claims for "damages". About the same reaction can be expected in case Russia decides to withdraw from the WTO, the restriction of foreign investment or even limiting the repatriation of profits of foreign investors from Russia.

We must be prepared for the fact that it may be necessary counterclaim "accounts" our Western "partners". The largest of all possible counter "accounts" - our requirements to the US giant to compensate damage caused by Russian "Uranium Deal».



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