Classification of families the possible options

Family I+J.

Family I+I – a great option for anxious career. Maximum freedom with minimum responsibility. The family option is chosen by those who have not met the right person, and one (one) do not want to be. And those who do not believe men (women) so chooses relationship where there is a "safety cushion".

The family I+I there are four varieties:

Affiliate deal – when all is profitable.

Quiet trade – when no special benefits, but no casualties.

Competition partners are fighting for the opportunity to give less and get more.

Bad deal – in relationships some disadvantages, but can not disperse because children, co-housing, credits, attachment, etc.

Family WE're the next stage of family development I+J.

In fact, it is a Paradise:-). No power struggles and disputes why someone who didn't. The people have already decided that this is the same man with whom I want to live life to the end. No longer need anybody, because I found, etc., etc.

Family WE can have the following varieties:

Love how joyful and selfless concern. This is the same Paradise. Possible it's not for everyone, of course (why you'd better check the author of the seminar).

Curve care is when you care so much that she wants to escape.

Patient attachment is NOT about love. Do not confuse love and affection. It is a disease.

Family as a Mission – another height that you can "take" in the development of the family.

Though it requires an exclusive people, so this type of family is possible for everyone and will be in the life of the units.

Here are possible options:

Service – when a man dedicates his life some sense of purpose (creative, business, social, political, scientific, etc.). Naturally, he devotes all his time to his business. And the family gets a residual. But it does not bother anyone. Because the wife shared his views, believes what he does is certainly important. And, most importantly, helping the man it is, thus, attached to his Mission, it becomes part of it. She realizes itself through it. You can tell that she realizes herself as a woman fully.

The unrecognized genius — when a woman likes a man who's a little more, and will become known and popular, but... since it's "that's" been going on for a long time, his character is already ruined. Moreover, very often, he has an ego but no talent and efficiency. Have the woman to feed future genius until the end of days. Mistake.

A Colonel — when a man needs a woman to serve on the grounds that he is male and she is female. Being second-class citizens. Hand. Bring. Get. For children look. Me to please.


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