Delicious "boat" of zucchini!


1. Take three medium-sized zucchini. Cut them into halves lengthwise, carefully take out the flesh with a spoon, where there are seeds. Obtained "boats" of zucchini. While set it aside.

2. 300-400 g of raw ground beef (all I had mince musk ducks) .150-200 g fresh cabbage (finely chop). Good bunch of greens (parsley and dill) finely chopped. Plus another 100 grams of rice (not cooked).

3. All of this mix, salt, pepper and minced this dump our "boat". Baking dish greased little sunflower oil and spread "boats».

4. Separately, mix 250 grams of sour cream and 250 grams of tomato juice (I had a homemade tomato) plus salt, plus 2-3 teaspoons of sugar (not to be sour) and mix.

5. Then pour this sauce stuffed with zucchini and in preheated oven about 50-60 minutes (who some oven). You can check the readiness of a thin knife, if soft propeklis zucchini, then the dish is almost ready.

6. Somewhere in 7 minutes until cooked thickly sprinkled with grated cheese. And give him a little browned. The dish is ready.

Bon Appetite!


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