How to make a good mood?

Get the hormone of happiness!
Endorphin leads a person to euphoria (state of bliss), it is called a "natural drug" or "hormone of happiness." Any positive feelings raise the level of endorphins in the blood.
There are other ways:
 - The use of chili. Hold it in the language for a while, and you will not only feel better, but also can get rid of the pain;
 - Think positively! To do this, you must control your thoughts and when a negative immediately replace it with a positive. This will ensure the release of endorphins in the blood - you improve your mood;
 - Sports: jogging, swimming, tennis - all those sports that have to deal with for a long time. At some point, you will feel the workout absolute pleasure from employment;
 - Music, cause you tears;
 - Chocolate in small quantities, as well as avocados, bananas, beets are a source of joy;
 - Ultraviolet light is also capable of stimulating the release of endorphins, so either go to a tanning salon or on the beach to cheer yourself up.


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