Household Tricks.

Nail polish.

Oddly enough, but the nail polish in addition there are a few basic functions. Nail polish is convenient to make notes. Are you afraid of the conveyor at the airport did not recognize your suitcase? Draw on the handle a couple of strips of bright varnish and this problem will go away. With varnish from any glasses can be dimensional. Glow in the dark nail polish, you can mark a call that can be seen in the dark entrance, the remote control and much more.
Especially useful colorless nail polish. Unscrewed bolts at the points? Anoint of clear varnish. In shaker large holes and poured out a lot of salt? Seal the half of them with varnish. Buttons for gold and silver in the wash darken? Cover before washing with varnish. Decoration stone fell from? Nothing is prikleet it so neatly as colorless nail polish. Tights gave arrow? Again, save the clearcoat.


Salt - a good assistant and in the wash. Especially when removing stains from sweat with white things. Dissolve 4 tablespoons of salt per liter of water and a sponge soaked with the solution, blotted to stain until it disappears. Effective means (at this price), probably not yet. What they do not salt can easily wash traces of lipstick with glasses? Probably nothing. When washing dishes by conventional means is still unclear in the place where there was lipstick. Sprinkle a little salt on a cloth and rub the glass. All, no hint of what she saw from the glass with bright red lips left!


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