Secret features the usual things: find a useful application to anything!

We used to buy a lot of new things for different needs. Household care is required more and more spending, endless shopping and conglomeration of various items at home - a common occurrence. It is not very cost-effective approach to domestic affairs, and here's why: it turns out, those household objects and tools that you already have, surprisingly versatile!

Each item can be used to perform tasks that you did not even know before. .cc shares with you the secret knowledge about the use of familiar things. Put them into practice, and you will see how much more economical and more interesting was the housekeeping.

1. Unused tea bag perfectly eliminates odors. Stick it in the fridge, put it in a box, jar, locker ... All will smell!

2. Print the stains on clothes, you can use hydrogen peroxide
3. Children wipes successfully replace the cloth to wipe the various gadgets.

4. Cinnamon - a killer tool for ants. Sprinkle with cinnamon problem areas - cracks in the floor and other places where the most love to misbehave these insects. They will disappear!

5. Toothpaste to shine clean off all metal objects. Who would have thought?

6. The Other Side banana peel polish your cutlery. No longer need different expensive polishes!

7. Excellent antibacterial agent - honey
8. Mosquito Bites well dries and heals aspirin
9. When finished toothpaste, brush your teeth, you can ash ! In addition, it is well whitens them.

10. For leather shoes look like new, smear it hand cream
11. Charcoal freshens the air in the room. On a beautiful platter, he will also part of the decor.

12. To wash windows without streaks, you can use the paper coffee filters
13. Sharpen scissors is very easy! Take a slice of foil , is complex and seldom it.

Yes, these recommendations may come in handy in many situations. Remember that you seemed a very important - to learn something new always means to make life better.

Do not skimp on useful tips for your friends! Tell them about this article - even if their economic concerns also simplified.

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