Forget the iron! This life hacking will help you to iron clothes and without ...

Iron has long ceased to be a luxury. He is in every house, daily ironing of clothes has become a tradition, there are many tips on how to properly iron clothes of all. But what do you do if you suddenly found himself in a situation when the iron is not at hand? He suddenly broken. Or maybe, your hotel room is not equipped with these sometimes very necessary subject, and a blouse be crumpled in a suitcase!

This is a very simple and fun guide with pictures will help you to forget about the problem of crumpled things in the absence of iron. Bury Council adopted. As you know, the person all should be fine clothes and let it be perfectly ironed.

It turns out, in order to align the crumpled thing, just a little bit of water! This method is really very easy ironing and useful. I go to experiment with their dress.

This was an ingenious way you need to tell everybody! Share with your friends this wonderful instruction, let her help them.

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