20 amazing inventions for everyday life. After watching you will not want to live without them!

Every day, dozens of scientists have invented things that should facilitate our lives. Most of them are meaningless. But the invention that we have prepared for you, really admire. Taking one of these things together, you do not want to part with it!

hot butter knife

Written on paper, you immediately appear on the screen of your gadget.

There are no buttons or pins
On this board, the paper is held through the static.

This material can take any form, and after drying, adheres to any surface.

Steel pill cooling
They are completely inert and capable of coolant.

bulbs to heat
They heat themselves and are able to heat the liquid in which they were placed.

Rag-gel for cleaning hard to reach places

Lowercase handle for stave

plug for your phone

The suitcase-room
This suitcase is transformed into a room with a bed, desk, chair, lamp and screen.

rocking chair for charging iPhone or iPad
To fully charge the phone, you need three o'clock to ride a chair.

Folding elektroskuter Moveo
This elektroskuter turns into a suitcase weighing 25 kilograms.

Cup, which squeezes the tea bags

Magnetic egg, forming a nest of paper clips

The apparatus for sorting by color candies

mask to control dreams
With built-in mask LEDs you can control your dreams.

The form for fried eggs "sun on a plate»

A container with a timer
It will not open until suitable preset time.

Flower pot, which does not fall

Universal cutlery

Such inventions fully comply with his mission. They will simplify your life and make it a lot easier.

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