3 ways to grow long eyelashes.

Doll eyelashes - the dream of every girl. To make them long sdela our simple tips.
Be sure to remove makeup at night before bedtime, while give up soap. Its use can worsen the condition of the skin around the eyes, provoke unnecessary wrinkles, irritation. Removing make-up, you must use special tools: emulsions or milky lotion. If you use waterproof mascara, to remove it is best to use a two-phase lotion with butter, lightly removing the remains of the carcass.
Do compresses with chamomile - this is an excellent soothing antiseptic. Put cotton pads in the strained broth chamomile and attach for 20 minutes to the eyes. You can also use a decoction of cornflower, sage, striped, black tea without additives.
Power eyelashes natural oils promotes the growth and improvement of the hair. With daily use oil recovery time eyelashes can be from a week to a month, but the effect will manifest itself in any way. You can use one type of nourishing oils or mix several different, making them a variety of masks. Very effective is a mixture of vegetable oil and oil solutions of vitamins A and E, these vitamins are sold in pharmacies in the form of capsules. Perches brush in oil, let it drain (do not apply oil to the eyelashes so that flowed from them), gently and slowly do the hair from root to tip.
Do nourishing mask, home-cooked herbal. For example, take a teaspoon of castor oil, the same extracts of chamomile and calendula extract. Mix thoroughly, and nutrient mixture is ready for the mask. Standing in front of a mirror, put it on the eyelids and eyelashes directly.


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