15 tricks for volume lashes, which you did not guess

It's no secret that part of the success of female seduction laid in long thick eyelashes. If a woman has ink, then a few strokes of the brush will help her create a unique image.

Website offers 15 tricks that will make your eyes irresistible.

To strengthen the lashes h3>

10 minutes before use, apply makeup to the eyelashes mascara brush olive oil or coconut oil. So you protect your eyelashes against the negative influence of the chemical elements of cosmetics.

The use of vitamin E and biotin promotes the growth of eyelashes and hair in its entirety.

Even if you use the highest quality ink and chemical components are still present. Let your lashes a break from makeup at least one or two days a week. This will facilitate their natural renewal.

The secrets of makeup eyelashes h3>

Remove excess mascara from the brush using a paper towel - it will help to avoid lumps.

Dip a minute ink in a glass of warm water, so that the product is hot carcass weight and became homogeneous. So you forget about lumps.

Dip a dessert spoon in warm water, dry it and use it while applying mascara like the picture. So, besides the fact that you are not to get ink ever: its shape will attach the eyelashes.

Use eyelash curlers as usual, but try and make up lashes. So they twisted and his eyes do not get dirty.

Bend your mascara brush at 90 degrees. So it is much easier to maneuver.

Add a drop of brine or olive oil in ink to re-achieve the same liquid structure, which was at the time of purchase.

stained lashes with a horizontal position of the brush and immediately duplicate the result of vertical painting to separate the Cilia from each other and make them longer and more expressive.

Heat your eyelash curlers hair dryer for a couple of seconds before use. Due to the eyelashes will stay curled for much longer.

After the first coat of mascara cilia treat baby powder from the roots to the tips. They need to look rather "dusty" when you're done. Apply another layer of mascara on the lashes well to paint that there are no visible traces of powder. Eyelashes will appear and a half times more voluminous.

Use a curling iron, as shown in the picture: send them up to achieve a "swirling" effect.

Use ink as follows: follow traffic to the outside, as if waving at every movement. For more color intensity to color eyelashes obeh sides: from both inside and outside.

Mascara should always be the last in the process of applying makeup. As an extra gimmick, we recommend using a light pencil to the inside of the lower lid, so that your eyes were more expressive and visually eye increased in volume.

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