15 films to relax after a busy day

Returning home after a hard day's work, so sometimes want to escape and see some good good movie.

Today Website brought to you films that are guaranteed to distract from it all and recharge your excellent mood!

Shopaholic h3> Confessions of a Shopaholic

Obsessed with shopping and permanent "necessity" replenish his wardrobe, Rebecca Bloomwood is living in a state of war between his bank and limit temptations stores. What is most interesting, Rebecca - a journalist in the financial publication and gives his readers advice on competent management of personal capital.

Entry h3> The Intern

For 70-year-old widower Ben Whitaker retirement - this is not the end but the beginning of a new stage in life. Successfully passing the interview, he became a senior intern at the online store of fashionable clothes under the supervision of Jules Austin.

C love Rosie h3> Love, Rosie

Since childhood, Rosie and Alex were the best of friends, and after graduation, they get together to continue their studies at the university. However, the fate of very different plans: it separates the characters, but that does not stop them even years later to remember about each other and about the feeling that united them in his youth.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days h3> How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Journalist Andy Anderson gets a rather unusual assignment from the editor: to write an article that invent a woman to get rid of the men when they did no longer want to see next. To perform this task with Andy just 10 days, for which it should have time to find a guy, make him love me and "get rid" of him. And Andy meets Benjamin, who himself made a bet with his boss that he could fall in love with a girl for 10 days.

National Treasure h3> National Treasure

The modern treasure hunters led by Ben Franklin Gates are going to solve the mystery of the treasure that was hidden even by the founding fathers of the American state. But in addition to Gates' team for this treasure hunt and earn fans on Property of the Republic.

Yours, Mine, our h3> Yours, Mine & Ours

Widowed Coast Guard Admiral meets the woman of his dreams, had recently lost her husband. Two middle-aged man had fell in love and decided to get married. There is one "but": he had eight children, and she - ten. And while the kids are fighting each other for territory, their parents are tested on a steep fortress feelings.

View from the Top h3> View from the Top

Provincial Donna runs away from home to become a flight attendant first class international airlines. Together with her friend Christina she attends courses and flight attendants demonstrate excellent knowledge of professional skills. However, the exam results show the opposite: Donna has not learned the material, and now it will have to operate on commuter flights to Cleveland.

Likes dislikes h3>

Alex and Alena are preparing for the wedding. But on the eve of the engagement of a young man meets a journalist Irina. Her adventurous and a willingness to commit insane acts give Alex realize that his life could be much more interesting.

Welcome and neighbors Trespassing h3> Deck the Halls

The story begins with the fact that the daughter of Buddy Holly showed him how their house looks like from space. Mr. Hall was upset because the house of his neighbor Steve Finch looked impressive on the monitor. So he decided to make up for the lack of bright illumination, which dazzled the inhabitants of the town, especially the hated neighbor. But Mr. Finch in debt will remain.

What the hell! / Not bad to lose! H3> Mince alors!

To please her husband, Nina is sent on a special weight loss program in the Alpine resort of Brides-les-Bains, where men and women come over to relax. It meets Nina and Sophie and Emily, a meeting which will cause a wave of memorable experiences.

The Pacifier h3> The Pacifier

The story of a former marine, protected works for the government scientist and his five children. Experience shows that children must be protected not only from intruders, but also from themselves. And should not forget about their own safety, since you're the one against five, with a lot of crafty ideas.

From Paris with Love h3> From Paris with Love

Life James like a fairy tale: the position of personal assistant to the US Ambassador in France, beauty, girlfriend, expensive suits, and dust-free rabotenka CIA operative. But James dreams about something else - about the adventurous life of the present, to save the world of a secret agent. And fate has decided to present a surprise to James, who just do not give him a miss.

The Italian Job h3> The Italian Job

John Bridger, who along with his team cranked out more than one perfect heist, has decided to retire. He left last job: the theft of gold bullion. This robbery has been played without a hitch, but after its completion spree criminals was marred by betrayal.

Ocean's 13 h3> Ocean's Thirteen

The third story is about the adventures of criminal Danny Ocean and his team of talented scam. When the owner of the casino once inserts one of Ocean's eleven, Danny and his friends together to check on forces whether they still disrupt "the bank».

Monte Carlo h3> Monte Carlo

Grace, Meg and Emma finally appeared in Paris, who so wanted to see. True, the ride came to be unsuccessful. But since, as one of the bridesmaids for taking the heiress a huge state, the real adventure begins.

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