Lash care at home

The eye is the first thing we notice when meeting a person. But the special beauty and attractiveness to our eyes gives eyelashes. It is therefore necessary to know simple rules for the care of eyelashes at home. Those girls who do not have long and thick lashes is to do their condition and improving. And girls from nature with beautiful eyelashes should also take care of them, to maintain their density.

First of all, we should say that our eyelashes need daily care, it is necessary to perform the following procedure:
— Wash the mascara from the eyelashes and brush them twice daily using a special brush for eyelashes.
— Strengthening and restoration of the structure of the eyelashes will contribute to apricot, olive, or castor oil. This procedure requires caution, to perform its required with the use of a special brush, applying the paint from the middle of the lashes.

It is also worth to use balm for eyelashes, which will contribute to their growth. It can be prepared at home. For this you will need castor and burdock oil, aloe juice and vitamin E. In equal parts mix of castor and burdock oil this also add vitamin E and a few drops of aloe juice. Apply this solution on the lashes during the month before you go to bed. Herbal concoctions of sage, cornflower and chamomile have very useful properties and contribute to the improvement of the appearance of the cilia. To prepare the broth should take about 10 grams of the herb and pour boiling water (250 grams), after it is necessary to give the broth a good time to infuse. Using cotton swabs apply this solution on your eyes for about 20 minutes. This procedure will help to improve the condition of eyelashes and refresh the skin around the eyes.

If you don't have time to cook means to care for eyelashes, you can always all you need to buy in the store. For example, buy a special mascara for eyelashes care, which would include glycerine, panthenol and proteins. This will strengthen and protect your lashes. It is worth noting that in addition to the helpful cosmetics should pay attention to your diet, which affects the growth and thickness of your eyelashes. Be sure to eat wholesome, healthy food to include in your diet vitamins, eat vegetables and fruits.

Besides using high quality ink, should also pay attention to the means for removing makeup. If to wash carcasses with water can not only damage the lashes, but the thin skin around the eyes. Therefore it is necessary to use a special tool for removing makeup. This can be a cleanser or toner that will easily allow you to remove the remnants of mascara from your eyelashes. The eyelashes care does not take a lot of time and promote normal growth of healthy eyelashes.




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