How to use eyelash curlers?

1. Curling eyelashes should not be in a hurry when you're running late or you're short of time. Especially if you do it the first or second time in his life. Be careful and attentive, do not rush to grab no cilia forceps straight, do not pull out and inadvertently pinching cilia at their base, do not grab the upper eyelid.

2. curl eyelashes forceps only to applying mascara. This is very important. After applying the ink form already committed eyelashes so they become more brittle and fragile, whereupon the mechanical impact on them is very undesirable.

3. Before using just a few seconds, place the eyelash curlers under a jet of hot water or hot air dryer you.

4. curl lashes, gently several times for a while pinching their tongs, do it from the bottom, and then slightly moving up the growth of eyelashes. This method will give a more natural and long-lasting bending than the duration of a single "capture" of the eyelashes.

5. Take care of your eyelash curlers. Good tongs almost certainly you will use for several years, but do not forget to check for misalignment or for damaged rubber layer. In the case of this trouble, you can pinch your eyelashes, sweep them or cut their metal. If, however, such trouble happens, try not to worry, it is unpleasant, but nekatastrofichno - eyelashes grow back quickly and recover. Try to be careful and accurate.

The harder the tongs in the gum, the better fixed bend.

Once cilia are bent, you can apply mascara. Ink, by the way, is always recommended to apply after wave, and not before. Firstly, the eyelashes after application of mascara lose their elasticity, they are easier to break. Secondly, even if you give a good mascara to dry, still lashes after curling stick together.


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