The artist painted the Disney princes and princesses in a photorealistic style

In these portraits Editorial produce a wonderful feeling meeting with old friends! And some vaguely reminiscent of famous actors and actresses ...

Princess h2> Alice ("Alice in Wonderland»)

Princess Aurora ("The Sleeping Beauty»)

Princess Belle ("Beauty and the Beast»)

Cinderella ("Cinderella»)

Esmeralda ("The Hunchback of Notre Dame»)

Jane ("Tarzan»)

Princess Jasmine ("Aladdin»)

Queen Elsa ("Frozen»)

Princess Anne ("Frozen»)

The Little Mermaid ("The Little Mermaid»)

Megara ("Hercules»)

Merida ("Braveheart»)

Mulan ("Mulan»)

Pocahontas ("Pocahontas»)

Rapunzel ("Tangled»)

Snow White ('Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs »)

Princess Tiana ('The Princess and the Frog »)

Fairy Tinker Bell ("Peter Pan»)

Wendy ("Peter Pan»)

Princes h2> Hercules ("Hercules»)

Prince Erik ("The Little Mermaid»)

Prince Philip ("Sleeping Beauty»)

John Smith ("Pocahontas»)

Aladdin ("Aladdin»)

Prince Adam ("Beauty and the Beast»)

Prince Charming ("Cinderella»)

Tarzan ("Tarzan»)



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