Most notable in the history of the trolls, who above all had a good laugh

regular Internet users know what a "troll": the so-called vicious pranksters who love to spoil someone life. They do this not for profit, but "the love of art." And those whom they had "zatrollit" accounts for a very nesladko.V collection Website - not just a small trolchata and real mastodons trolling! Just look what they managed to do.

Oliver "Porky" Bikar h2> Alaska decided to "ignite" a dormant volcano Edgecombe. On April he collected in the crater of the volcano, and set fire to tires 70 of them. Drawing worked without a hitch, and the news of the awakened volcano has scattered around the world.

Count Victor Lustig h2> Victor is one of the most successful scams in history. Posing as a public servant, he has twice sold the Eiffel Tower, and even got the money for it! In addition, German Lustig means "funny┬╗.

Diogenes of Sinope h2> Once Plato gave this definition of man: "featherless biped." Then Diogenes left on his porch plucked chicken and a note "Behold! I brought you a man! ". Also they say that Diogenes died, specially holding your breath.

Jonathan Swift h2> In 1679, Jonathan Swift published a satirical pamphlet "A Modest Proposal," in which he advised the poor Irish families sell their children in wealthy homes for food. People accepted it at face value, and Jonathan has been criticized in the press for suggesting that the children can eat.

Mark Gubin h2> House Marco is near the airport and Milwaukee. He decided to play a trick on passengers and wrote on his roof in large letters: "Welcome to Cleveland." Salt joke is that from Milwaukee to Cleveland a few hundred kilometers.

Austria h2> In fact, the whole country. Why? And because she was able to convince the entire world that Hitler was German and Beethoven - Austrian!

Zhuge Liang h2> 2000 years ago Chinese general had to protect his village, having assets instead of a rabble army. He decided to wait the enemy, sitting at the gate, and sipping tea. The enemies thought that they are waiting for an ambush, and retreated.

Andy Warhol h2> In a few days he took off from the same point of Empire State Building, and then released a film called "Empire." The film for hours, nothing happens. Toward the end of the author flashes, and then again, nothing happens.

Orson Welles h2> When the radio show "War of the Worlds," directed by Orson Welles aired, many people thought that the Earth really Martians invaded and climbed panic!

Marcel Duchamp h2> American artist of French origin Marcel Duchamp hated modern art, and one day in protest put on an exhibition as an exhibit a urinal signed.

Edgar Allan Poe h2> While studying at the Military Academy at West Point, Edgar received orders from the drill sergeant - officers to wear a belt and come to build. He was wearing only a belt, for which he was expelled.

Machiavelli h2> His works "Emperor" and "arguments" based on his political ideas. The problem is that they contradict each other. More recently, people have come to the conclusion that "The Emperor" can be trolling.

British h2> During World War II, the British wanted to hide from the Germans the presence of a radar by which they are pinpointing German bombers. They made a public statement that the British pilots have superzreniem because they eat a lot of carrots. Ironically, all of them believed, including Germany.

Benjamin Franklin h2> It is rumored that he loved so much potorollit that the other founding fathers carefully re-read the Constitution in search of hidden jokes.

Penn and Teller h2> As James Randi, the magician were two American TV shows devoted to psychics, mediums, conspiracy theorists and other magicians. Many existing magicians hate them for divulging the secrets of magic audience.

Frank Abagnale Jr. h2> Frank became the prototype of the hero of the movie "Catch Me If You Can." By 21, he had forged documents to work a pilot, a doctor, a lawyer. He wrote bad checks enough to go to jail for 10 years. After spending part of the period, Abagnale has received from the FBI job offer to detect forgeries. Today he is a millionaire.

The Greeks h2> The Greeks deserve honorable place in the list for the capture of Troy, with the help of a giant wooden horse.



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