15 illustrators, whom we loved this year

Illustration - a special kind of art. There are no restrictions for the artist: he can show all your skills and talents. Technique and genres may vary, but one thing unites them - a talent illustrator.

Summing up the year, Website has collected 15 works best illustrators who have conquered in 2015.

Illustrations filled with happiness h3>

Nidhi Chang'an (Nidhi Chanani) - Indian artist and musician who lives in the United States. When she began to paint, she did not think of a great career illustrator. Nidhi just wanted to bring joy to her drawings. In his pictures the artist emphasizes the good one you or someone - your happiness at your fingertips, here and now, in just a breeze.

Love is in the details h3>

Korean artist Puuung paints a very cute and warm illustrations, which embodies the simple but important moments of love in everyday life. Immediately I want to come home as soon as possible and tightly embrace your soul mate!

Kotizm Rina Zenyukov h3>

Illustrator Irina Zenyukov Minsk creates a truly warm image. A special love of the audience it deserved a series of blue cats - they seem to live in their own world full of unusual adventures.

Simple truths from Bird Born h3>

It is amazing how many truths in life, seemingly simple and obvious, but for some reason we do not hurry to use them. Cats are wonderful illustrations of Moscow artist under the name Bird Born talk about how much around us contrived problems and how easy it is to enjoy every moment.

Illustrations of the world that has gone mad h3>

The primary purpose of art - to hit, so says an illustrator from Tver, Vladimir Kazak. People who have ever faced with his work, call them outrageous and shocking. The artist himself calls his satirical sketches, and relates them to genre with a cartoon twist. He also frankly admits that his work - "is a kind of protection from the surrounding predatory world».

The Bold zodiac h3>

Damon Hellenbrand - talented American artist. He surprised us with a bold and powerful feed, which drew zodiac. Talented and cool.

Healthy cynicism illustrations Eduardo Salles h3>

Spanish illustrator Eduardo Salles (Eduardo Salles) only 27 years old, but his view of the world is characterized by sobriety, lack of naive illusions and delusions. Winner of many prestigious awards, including the "Cannes Lions", Salles has long understood how everything in life is arranged, and openly talks about it in his sketches.

sarcastic illustration of the modern world h3>

Young Moscow illustrator Anton Gudim in his works tells the story of the life that he sees around him: ordinary people killing time in their smartphones, the little problems of high-tech society, funny situations, lying in wait for us everywhere.

The cozy and romantic illustrations Zack Retz h3>

Retz Zack (Zac Retz) - a young talented illustrator, working with Disney Studios and Nickelodeon. In his spare time he creates a lovely sketches, which tells the love story. In the works Zack reign muted colors because in the dim light shine brighter feeling. His characters are often depicted in a moment of silence - they give the eyes and gestures.

The illustrations, in which each finds himself h3>

Jean-Julien (Jean Jullien) - the famous French illustrator. His favorite subject - is the irony of modern society dependent on phones and social networks.

Pictures straight from childhood h3>

Babok Ekaterina - the artist-illustrator of children's books from Belarus. Her work is dipped in warm carefree, happy childhood, and fill the soul with warmth.

Conventional photos turned into an amazing illustration h3>

Just look at how to convert these pictures Brazilian artist Julio Cesar! Thanks to the bright colors and fine detail noted by these pictures as if about to come to life.

How Disney princes would look in real life h3>

Every girl dreams of a prince on a white horse. Thanks to the artist Jirka Vaataynenu (Jirka Väätäinen), which realistically portrayed the characters of Disney, that the prince can now even imagine.

Happy moments in the works Aeppol h3>

The artist Aeppol can find pleasant things in everyday life and pamper the viewer into a dreamlike world full of journeys and unexplored paths. Her heroines are natural, warm and give cause to believe in miracles.

warms the soul works Thani Samoshkin h3>

The artist Tatiana Samoshkina creates warm, a little naive, but infinitely good worlds. They are a bit of everything: there are cozy cute cats and foxes, sea waves and curls flash of distant stars, romance and a little bit of sadness - only very bright.

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