Where to roller skate?

Ride, in principle, can be anywhere there is a more or less dry and smooth asphalt, and the few passers around, cars and dogs. Also I want to see like-minded people. But such places in big cities little. Most favorite place skaters in Moscow - a Poklonnaya Gora and VVC (ENEA).

Poklonnaya Hill - the most famous and loved meeting place for skaters in Moscow. Asphalt is a great addition, skating is free and available at any time. The park is large and there is a place for everyone. You can also look at the armor, is where to eat and where to park.

VVC many tracks where you can ride well. In order not to collide with pedestrians, flooding the VVC every day, it is better to arrive after 17 pm, when all shops are closed and people are starting to become a lot less. Asphalt is generally good, and a lot of places. Spoon of tar in this idyll just make cars.

In addition, you can ride in the Luzhniki Stadium, Sokolniki, on the Sparrow Hills, the Botanic Garden and near the park. If you liked it so much during the summer rolls, you do not want to throw them in the winter, feel free to go to the indoor rollerdromes and roller-skating in the winter.
How to rollerblade

To avoid injury, riding on rollers, you must observe the following rules:

* Warm up before riding on roller skates. "Warm up", developed by the body less prone to injury. Enough to make ten or fifteen sit-ups, a couple of stretching exercises and a set of slopes to your knees and joints are included in the operating mode.
* Follow the rules of hygiene, when riding on rollers wear clean socks. If the "boot" (the inside of the shoe) can be removed and washed, try to do it after every 10-15 skating.
* Do not ride too long. If after some time you feel discomfort in the legs, heaviness, swelling, skating better stop.
* Always wear protection on the knees, elbows and hands. Children are also encouraged to helmet.
* Wear a clip so that it is firmly sat on the foot, and all the buckles were fastened, but it is impossible to boot pressed on foot, while there were painful.
* Does not accelerate more the speed at which you would be able to stay in the range of 1-2 meters.
* Avoid the descent from the hills, stairs, driving on bad pavement or a large gathering of people (or, at least, do it very carefully).
* Never attempt to make the item that you have not yet afford - especially the jumping, and similar items. They create a traumatic situation and thus adversely affect the spine and other internal organs. Any new exercise (movement backwards, turns, jumps) performed first at low speed on a level surface away from fences, curbs and other obstacles.
* Under no circumstances should you try to get up on the rollers in closed rooms! Circle pools and other places that you seem to be slippery (marble, tiles, oil puddles).
* Never ride on the roadway or where vehicle routes.


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