She continues to surf

Her name is Daniel Burt, her 25 years. She lives in San Diego (CA) and, like all young people of her generation, tries to spend time actively and fun. She loves to travel, enjoys extreme sports, go to concerts, chat with friends, but all the entertainment given her a little harder than the rest - at Daniel no right foot.

This is difficult to write and speak aloud, as Russian language, for whatever reasons, is not prepared for a calm discussion of such problems. All words on the amputation, prosthetics and other disability, sound rough and unnatural, we have taken on such issues remain silent. American brain is wired a little differently - Daniel calmly talks about what happened to her and how she copes with this problem. Moreover, she even want to talk about it, to show people that even with such a serious injury a person can be quite full and happy.

Tell me, why do you have dentures?
About six years ago I got into a motorcycle accident and lost a leg.

How long have you ride the surf?
About two years.

So you start to ride without the legs. It was difficult?
Yes, the main challenge was to come up with a prosthesis that it allows you to ride. My prosthesis was first artificial knee, but now it was not necessary. We spent a lot of time in the water, to understand how to be arranged artificial leg, and in the end, we did it!

How do you come up with the idea to start riding?
I grew up in New Jersey on the ocean, and I just love the waves. After the accident, I could not even go into the water, and it's very frustrating for me - I needed a conventional prosthesis, to even begin to swim.

But why did you start riding so late, because all the surfers ride from early childhood?
I did not have enough money to buy myself a serious board and really ride the waves, so I settled for bodibordom. Yes, before the accident, I skated on bodiborde.

How else do you know people who ride the surf with a prosthesis?
I do not have a knee, and I know a surfer with the same injury - he lives in Brazil and rides very well.

What other sports do you do?
In addition to surfing, I still skateboarding, snowboarding, swimming - I generally interested in sports.

Do you feel that you all this has been difficult than others?
Yes, but this should just get used to. For example, when you ride the surf, you have to make a certain number of movements to jump on board. I have to make any more moves, because I did not feel the leg, but it's just a matter of training.


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