123 Easy Ways To Awaken the inner child

Any woman important to leave in the soul a place for sincerity, admiration, unpredictability and joy - everything is full of life than a child. In his blog, writer and author of books on the psychology of women Olga Valyaeva offers 123 ways to return to childhood and to feel that same immediacy.

We are in the Website have tried several ways and pleased with their inner child.

Take a walk in the rain without an umbrella, and even better - dance in the rain Take a swim in clothes. Do yourself a funny hairstyle - at least for the home. To dress up the house, singing and dancing, parodying any performer. Swim naked (be careful when choosing the only place and time). Have breakfast ice cream Prepare breakfast funny - animals or rozhitsami. Show Language husband during an argument. Jump on the bed. Ride with playgrounds. Buy yourself the most beautiful doll. To measure the depth of puddles in rubber boots. Walking barefoot on the grass in the park. Jump for joy. Cry over sad movies - especially in the cinema. Decorating hair colors. Tell jokes and funny stories. Use funny and children's words for an argument ("Oh, bjaka-zakalyaka!"). Shoot them with water guns. Korch funny faces mirror. Stomping feet at a time when there is anger. To fulfill a childhood dream - such as a ride on a horse or a trip to Disneyland. Play snowballs. To swing on a swing. Roll in the snow. Arrange fights pillows. Drawing on sweaty box. During the holidays, arrange masquerade and most long to think their way. Buy yourself the most beautiful set of gouache and from the heart to draw. Select the house wall to paint - and cast her something such. Jump on the trampoline. From offense to beat the dish. Guessing at Yuletide and beyond. Wearing a skirt the house like a ballerina. Sledding with slides. When you feel bad, asking: "Take me to handle, something I somehow one-to-eye, and GRU-at-verbally." Burrow into the sand entirely. Make a bright pedicure. wearing a pink, yes, like a pink Barbie. Mold from clay crafts. Fly kites. Making pancakes funny faces. Fooled - with girlfriends or alone. Weave wreaths and wear them on your head. Sometimes I sleep during the day. Play in the race inside the slot machines. Do the books in color bookmarks, highlight marker attractions. Squealed when scared. For example, the rides. Decorating for the holiday the whole house. Climbing trees (you can not very high). Run the boat on the river. Buy yourself girlish notebook, diary and fields to paint flowers and hearts. Catch snowflakes mouth. Ride the trolley wheels. Open afraid of heights, large dogs and dentists. To smile and laugh. Postpone everything and just relax in bed. Having a collection of beautiful multi-colored pens and writing of their dreams. Buy yourself a crown - and sometimes it is worn. dance with a vacuum cleaner or mop. To commit insane acts. Blowing into a tube with your milkshake, before you start to drink. Buy yourself a fun and cute pajamas or nightgown. To bathe in the rain. Making dumplings with surprises. Make an exhibition of his paintings or photographs. Feed the cats, dogs, birds in the street. Sometimes playing the princess. Me along with her friends. Wearing funny ornaments, jewelry. Cycling. Inflating bubbles. There fries from the frying pan. Take a bath with lots of foam. We throw sand on the beach. Zapletal different pigtails with ribbons and without them. Violate promises and sincerely apologize for it. Forget about the time at least one day, do not wear a watch. Wear a hat with huge fields. Sometimes at dinner order a pizza. Buy yourself balloons. Making funny wall newspaper. Write love notes to her husband. Singing his favorite song when doing chores. Cry of failure or injury. Buy yourself a pink princess dress - and carry it home. Making snowmen with carrots instead of a nose. watch cartoons in the cinema without children. Wear girly headbands, hair clips, rubber bands - with flowers, sequins, different colors. Late - let this be the first time in my life. Calling the favorite sweet words - "Sun", "bunny", "sweetheart", "crocodiles" and "hedgehogs" - in the circumstances. Buy yourself a teddy other and sleep with him. Build sand castles. Collect bouquets of wildflowers and grasses. Sitting, or even better to lie on the grass. Buy yourself a bright rubber boots for summer cottage (dacha if any). Read romance novels sometimes. At least sometimes called a parent and mamulechka papulechka. Smeared curative mud. decorate the house with candles in the evening. Afford illogic: so what, yesterday said "yes" - today I can change my mind. Weave Baubles, bracelets, make jewelry with your own hands. To go camping with a tent in the woods (a man!). Twitter with the other girls about anything - about clothes and makeup for several hours. Wear is not only stylish sunglasses, but also unusual and funny. Afford the whole day doing nothing, just lying in bed, watching a favorite movie is your favorite ice cream. Family look - the whole family to wear the same clothes or even clothes of the same color. Singing in the village of had em> above. Play fun family games - "Twister," "Crocodile" and others. All problems replied: "I'll think about it tomorrow." says a close: "I love you very, very, very, very like!» I sincerely admire, even small feat husband. Use active lace, thingies, flowers, decorating themselves and the space around. Blow bubbles of gum. Coming up with the children fairy tales, instead of reading ready. Make yourself curls like a princess. In the store trying on different wigs and shoot yourself in the phone. Go on a fantastic journey - for example to Lapland, or country Moomin or Carlson. Make the most of your bed princess bed with a beautiful bedspread, pillows, four-poster bed. dream, paste collages of your dreams. Buy yourself a very expensive and very beautiful dress (such as a wedding, if you do not). Rollerblading. Most hugging all around.

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