A woman and a hammer

The modern woman, my friends, is surprisingly arrogant creature. She seriously thinks that nothing is impossible. Horse slow down? Easily! Mirror to hang? Yes, easily! And, most importantly, to prove that things are not done because it is simply impossible - capricious and stubborn modern woman.

 - Honey, I bought a bamboo crap that krasivenko the wind noise. Let's hang it on the balcony?
 - Of course dear. Here we have a nail in the wall has now prishpandorim.
 - No, no, to the nail bad. He is on the side, and I want the middle.
 - Well, I nailed here. So good?
 - Bad. So it will touch the wall, and I want this crap was in the air.
 - In the air? Honey, this is not possible. The air keeps the bad tree, even bamboo. I'm your obsnit physics. First things first: the earth is a sphere ...
 - Darling, do not build a fool of yourself. On the ceiling you can hang?
 - Can, of course, but it is necessary to drill a hole to mount a hook ...
 - Why the hook? Just to hammer a nail.

 - Honey, a nail driven into the wall - horizontal - you can hang anything. In a nail driven into the ceiling - vertically - to hang anything. About gravity hear? Now I'll explain. Earth is a sphere ...
 - You are my teeth not try. You hang up, or I myself do this? So, see it is very simple: here's a nail. Where's your tweezers?

Ah, yes. Regardless of the value of the instrument, she manages to call his diminutive: a hammer, tongs, sverlyshko ...

 - Where's your tweezers?
 - In the closet. You pliers or pliers?
 - You're not clever, I'm those pinchers. Both come.
 - What are you gonna do?
 - Take the exit nail hook.
 - Nothing doing. If you will roll it first, then later not vobesh it you will have to bend. And if vobesh, then later not svernesh.

She puffs quarter of an hour, five throws nails varying degrees of curvature, but the sixth folds into the perfect hook. A few minutes later his favorite drives at the ceiling.

 - Honey, we've got a disgusting ceilings, it will not hold. It is necessary to drill a hole, do everything a human ...

In a few minutes to design a nail lying on the floor. Because ...

 - Well, I told you! We disgusting ceiling, they do not hold nails.
 - Do you have glue?
 - There is. Rubber for shoes.
 - Give it here.
 - You are crazy? Are you going to stick a nail?
 - And why not?
 - Because that's impossible! It is necessary to drill ... Also this glue is not suitable, it is stretched.
 - What's that?
 - It is an epoxy resin, but it is for ...
 - How to use it?

An hour later, the design hangs like a glove. She bluntly nail taped to the ceiling. Well, who else does that? Everything they teach ...


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