Women's essence

- Honey, it's okay?
 - Yes, all right.
 - No, not right! You're on to something hurt?
 - No matter what I did not hurt, did you get?
 - You are silent and generally immersed in some of his thoughts. Did I say something wrong?
 - No, you think everything is fine.
 - I feel that you are tense!
 - I'm not tense.
 - No, tense! Something has changed?
 - Yes, nothing has changed, I love you, all right, said the same!
 - Why are you so aggressive? We must talk to each other! I feel you now something happens, I want to understand this!
 - Honey, please, do not understand right now, okay?
 - Here you see! You close! Going to answer! What happened? Why are you moving away from me?
 - Yeah, I do not alienate what you started up out of the blue? !!!
 - You are silent all night, do not hold me, do not look in the eyes, staring at one point, and go back and forth gloomy! Something happened, I can see! You've changed!
 - I have not changed, nothing terrible will happen, please believe me, let's leave this conversation.
 - No! Do not leave! I do not want our relationship from the beginning built on lies and silence! If you have something annoying, it makes turning inward, lost in thought - I want to know what it is! I have the right to honest answer! Love does not tolerate omissions! I say this because I refused you in the morning when I have a headache?
 - No.
 - Yeah, maybe because I smiled at his neighbor in a store? Do not worry, dear, it's courtesy, nothing more! Because of this?
 - No!
 - And, it can hurt you that today I was not wearing earrings that you gave me? Do not be offended, my love, I just wanted to put other. But if you so frustrating, I now make it right! Confess, bunny, because of this inflated?
 - Oh, no !!!
 - Well, then what's the matter ?! What happened to you? !!! It's over, huh ?! Tell me the truth - I need !!! What's the matter with you ?!
 - ...
 - I napridumyvali himself God knows what, just poisoned me and all! ...
 - Oh, my little one! My poor. Now I will heal you!
 - No, I did.
 - No, no, we now think of something!
 - Please leave me alone!
 - Your aggression is understandable, I'll give you the broth ...
 - NE decoctions need me!
 - Please, do not cry, I know better. And still need to massage the belly!
 - Do not come to me! Leave me alone!
 - ... Honey, why do you say that? Something has changed?! Tell me the truth, I have a right to know!


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