Porridge in a bidet, toilet milk

Kuma did a great repairs in the apartment. It bought a lot of plumbing, all things are moved into one room. This room for a while and became a bedroom, a kitchen and storage area. And all purchased for the repair of trash was here. Now the actual story. In the morning, running to work was prepared lunch and tucked away in a more or less suitable locations to prevent construction dust. Now imagine a phone conversation came back home with mom children, located at the eyes of employees. "Yes, my gold, how are you doing in school? Well, porridge in the bidet, toilet milk, bon appetit! ". He hung up and turned to the eerie silence in the office. And so this is our new plumbing instead of drawers for storage, very comfortable ... and to this day the phrase "porridge in the bidet, toilet milk" may at some time to shake with laughter, our small office.


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