Brilliant conclusion

I traveled once to his Khakan district of Vladivostok. Look - voted the girl on the road 16-17 years old, with svetlenkaya doll face. Stopped. Toss requests. Well, why should not throw Kralj, the more on the way ... talk. It turns out, lives in the village of my blonde Barabash (kilometers from the sea 50). Interested in:
 - And who do you work, you can learn?
 - Divers.
 - And there you have the shark?
 - There are, of course, what kind of sea without sharks?
 - A large?
 - No, barbed - 1 meter, 5 will be a gray-blue - up to 2, 5, but they are rare to come across.
 - Dangerous? - Asks the girl anxiously.
 - Well, any shark over 20 inches is considered potentially dangerous.
 - You dive in winter?
Hmm, strange logic in women still say:
 - Cool, try not to dive, there are many problems with taxes, and navigation for small fleet closed from November 1 ...
And then she gives is, and then I had to stop because I was on a wheelbarrow twenty minutes to lead could not:
 - A shark eat when YOU winter does not dive?


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