11 People Who DISABILITIES Body did not stop to become great

Eduard Asadov once spoke very clearly: «In all cases, with a maximum approach to the difficulties still one: the desire - a thousand possibilities, and the unwillingness - a thousand reasons» i>. That's how our world is that quite often ingenious brain can be locked physically weak body, and only the desire not to give up and will power to help people move forward in life.

In our today's collection - known personalities who could be great, despite the limitations of his body. We wording «awesome» bow to each of them and admire their fortitude!

You will be amazed, but the great Greek orator since childhood ... was a stutterer. The first public appearance of the thinker was a disaster: people literally stoned stutterer with slurred speech, kartavyaschego and occasionally twitching shoulder. Thrust exercise with pebbles in his mouth, privacy and attempt to drown the noise of the surf did their job - Demosthenes became the most famous and significant orator of his age.

Sudha Chandran
When this masterful dancer takes Indian dances, it is difficult to believe that it is something wrong. I dare you to discover the secret, we do not have one foot Sudha. At 18, she got her parents in an accident, due to negligence of doctors and one leg with progressive gangrene had to be amputated. After a while, the girl set a prosthesis. However, this did not break the spirit of a strong Sudha, and she soon returned to her favorite tantsam.

John Nash
Many of us watched the brilliant film "A Beautiful Mind", but few people realize that the main character was a real picture of the prototype. He began his John Nash - a brilliant mathematician who until his death was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Coping with attacks helped him loyal and devoted wife Alisiya.

Frida Kahlo
The girl, six years old suffering from polio, as a teenager has survived a terrible car accident, has managed to become one of the most influential artists of the twentieth stoletiya.

Stevie Wonder
Even congenital blindness did not prevent music legend Stevie become global. He is a true multi-instrumentalist with a unique vocal range of four octaves. 25 awards "Grammy" clearly fell into the right hands! 43,177,147

Stephen Hawking
This theoretical physicist has earned international recognition and received a lot of awards. In the 60 years from Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis symptoms that led to the almost total paralysis of the scientist. One day after pneumonia Hawking even lost the ability to speak. Friends presented him with a special speech synthesizer, which is attached to the wheelchair. Now mobility retain only the cheek muscles, which is attached near the sensor. Despite all these trials that befell the genius, he continues to be active zhizn.

Nick Vujcic
Born without all four limbs (!) This man has managed to become a successful speaker, philanthropist, preacher and writer, known literally worldwide. He learned to live coping with their disabilities, and now teaches that people around the earth sharu.

Chris Burke
Usually a person with Down syndrome has put a stigma from birth - they say, with such a diagnosis in people do not break out. However, this is not about Chris Burke - American, has become a popular stand-up comedian, despite the terrible genetic bolezn.

Daniel Trammet
Scientific Savant Syndrome operates with mathematical values ​​in mind that not every calculator will cope with this task. Moreover, the genius can learn in a week completely unknown to him language (he conducted an experiment with the Icelandic language) .

Franklin Roosevelt
Although due to polio, Roosevelt was confined to a wheelchair until his death, it did not prevent him from becoming the 32nd president of the United States and one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century.

Lesia Ukrainka (Larysa Kosach-Kvitka)
Certainly, one of the most famous poets and writers in Ukrainian literature has also become a symbol of the struggle with a terrible disease. Once, as a child she was a bad cold, that was the beginning of tuberculosis of bones. It happens that Les months lying in bed, unable to get up. But it only strengthened her duh.

When you read the history of these famous people feel ashamed for what we used to Noah on trifles and are looking for a thousand excuses, rather than to act. I was surprised by the order of the fate of these geniuses.

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