The wife hid these boxes in the attic of her husband for 40 years ...

That's how you live with a man 40 years of marriage and do not even know that it from you hiding something. Certainly after these lines you thought about the next story of an unhappy marriage. But no, when you read the story of Bill and Chris Bresnanov you believe that love is still there, even in marriage.

The two liked each other right away and fell in love before losing momentum! It all started back in 1975 ... Lovers have decided on a few days leave the noisy concrete jungle of New York City and escape to nature. Already in train Bill and Chris anticipating what awaits them on vacation.

They joked, laughed, talked for hours and just having a good time, when suddenly Bill gave his wife a napkin on which was written: «You - the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you, my dear! » I> At the end was a sign infinity.

From the time Bill did not change their traditions and every day for 40 years, gave his wife love letters. Every time the man is more and more nice things, but they all ended the same sign of infinity. B>

Bill had no idea that all this time, Chris kept his every letter. Over 40 years in the attic accumulated as many as 25 boxes of love letters. B> 18,591,804

On the 40th anniversary of their marriage her husband Chris decided to open his little secret. When Bill opened the box, his eyes filled with tears. The man was hard to contain emotions ...

Bill and Chris spent the whole evening, reading writing and remembering the past. Chris says: «These letters - witness of our love!» I>

There is still love in the world! The motto of the happy marriage of Bill and Chris is as follows: «Love - is a bridge that is necessary to build one day. Of course, both sides ». I> They have a lot to learn!



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