A couple of three weeks ago my beloved wife liked the cute rabbit on Starokon market.
And nothing-would advise in the two accounts-so-nimble eccentric saleswoman came up with a legend !!!

Type rabbit is almost a year old, and no one is buying. And so now it will be picked up and taken to the zoo, there will be given for lunch tiger (boa, crocodile - your choice), but instead take a small rabbit to the store.
Sellers are learning - it was a knight's move! Wife did not for a moment did not let it go.
As a result, the rabbit, and with it, a cell, a filler on the floor, food, bowl, special stone - sharpen teeth were at home.

The next day was a bit the telephone wire.
Creating wildly - into the hands is given only if the catch, cute - but emotions zero.
In short I think okay - now that have let him live, especially the benefit of harm (in the absence of available-for-devouring wires) does not work.

And then the bomb !!!
Wife calls me, roaring out loud - come soon !!! What is probably something wrong with the rabbit!
Died? No - he (OH!) Give birth to young rabbits WE HAVE IN BED !!!

Wife in hysterics, I'm in shock, the vet whinnying 2 minutes.

With horror, waiting for the end of the day, go home do not want to.


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