This 4-month-old toddler spent about 22 hours under the rubble of the house ... Fortunately, this is not the end of the story!

A powerful and devastating earthquake came over to Kathmandu in Nepal as a bolt from the blue. The disaster shocked the world and killed more than 4000 people. The number of victims is growing rapidly. But tearjerker 4-month-old baby named Aval Sonit that the earthquake had about 22 hours under the rubble of the house, moved to the very soul.

Nepalese soldiers scoured from morning till night in search of the poor crumbs under the rubble. But, unfortunately, it is to no avail ... Dad Shyam Aval had already lost all hope of salvation of her son.

But suddenly he heard the cry of her child, and then the father could no longer hold back the tears!

Rescuers found alive and well Sonit Aval and freed him from the rubble of his home.

Thank God, after 22 hours trapped in the baby remained intact.

Unfortunately, not all victims of the earthquake Nepalese lucky as well as Sonit Aval. The number of victims of the disaster found increases. Like it or not, but sometimes a person vulnerable to the forces of nature. Tell us about this tragic story with a happy ending to your friends.


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