Here's how to carry art to the masses! This artist made a long-forgotten classics a second wind ...

As one well-known French artist and filmmaker Julien de Kasabyanka visited the Louvre, his attention was suddenly attracted the girl alone. This girl was shown in an inconspicuous picture which hung quietly in the corner. It's all forgotten work of art inspired Julien project by which such pictures got its second wind. Kasabyanka just took a picture of a picture with the girl, and then the nice lady has adorned the walls of his home town - and this unique project was born.

Today art project Kasabyanki gaining momentum, and artists from around the world are attached to this good cause in the name of art. Everyone can choose a any character with all the long-forgotten classical picture and turn it into a modern street art that would regained its deserved attention. Usually blade for such work are the dirty walls of different cities in the world. Here's how to wear high art to the masses!

Fortunately, in the world there are still enthusiasts such as Julien de Kasabyanka! With such a beautiful timeless classics lovers are not threatened with oblivion. Show these precious masterpieces of world classics, painted on the streets, a friend who is not alien to the art.


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