Consider yourself a healthy person? Here are 10 tests that must be under the power of men over 30

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Every person must take care of your health. And this is not only important to eat right, but also to regularly work out in the gym.

The website tells the reader about the ten exercises from coach Dan John, who should be able to perform sports people after thirty years.

Bench press your weight in the supine position, Many people train for years but still can't lift the barbell whose weight is equal to their own. The problem here may be in the wrong technique grip the rod or lack of training. With proper bench press forearms must be positioned vertically, and the elbows should be put under the wrists. If you can raise the bar of its weight in the bench press standing or sitting, the practice will be able to perform this exercise lying on the bench.

Two-minute plank For thirty years, the exercising person is required to withstand two minutes of plank. If not, then either you have a large percentage of body fat or too weak stomach muscles. In addition, if you are active in sports, you should be able to keep the muscles in tension, standing in the bar.

Performing the deadlift with two of his weights If for thirty years you can't do this exercise, then you don't know the technique, have a weak grip or have yet lacks the muscle to do this. However, you should take a break in the execution of the deadlift to eventually be able to do it with two of his weights. To do this, during training, need to catch up, perform leg swings and squats.

Exercise "sit to stand" If after thirty years you can sit on the floor, while not resorting to the help of the hands and feet, and then stand up, not relying on anything that you have everything in order. The impossibility of this exercise suggests that you are not in very good shape, you probably do not have a flexible body and perfect coordination.

Stand on one foot for ten seconds Is a very simple test, you only need to lift one leg and stand it on for ten seconds. If you are unable to fulfill it, then you have problems with your hip joints. Better not to run this state and to seek a competent doctor who will prescribe treatment and a complex exercise.

The performance of long jump his height Any person after the thirty must be able to perform a long jump. Do not neglect this exercise, because one day it may save your life, for example, if you meet a snake in the woods. So do not lose sight of the long jump, you need to give them sufficient time for training.

Squats with a thirty-second pause If you can sit down, pausing at the bottom for 30 seconds and then stand up, while not helping himself with his hands, then with your body and health all in order. Otherwise you need to pay more attention to training the lower body, legs and back. After thirty unfortified muscular frame, back and legs will make themselves known in a most unpleasant way.

Performing farmer's walks with their weight In fact, the farmer's walk is a plank in the dynamics, when you are a few meters in one hand the rod whose weight is equal to your. Successful completion of this test after thirty years suggests that your muscles are working normally, and the fat percentage in the body close to the minimum.

Vis on the crossbar within 30 seconds and pulling up Seems to just hang on the bar for thirty seconds, is very simple. However, if you will not be able to catch up at least once, you still have to work on the muscles of the shoulders and back. Those who have been involved in sports, surpassing the thirty-year anniversary should easily pass this test.

Sleep on one pillow If you're over 30 and for a comfortable sleep, you need two pillows, it speaks about some problems with his back. In particular, the development of excessive kyphosis, that is stooping. Chest muscles and biceps tend to shrink over time, so you need to pay attention to their stretching and flexibility, not to tormented then from pain in the neck and back.



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